These include text-based, keypresses, and even fly macros that can all be easily programmed by just about anyone. It is also generally very good for office settings and typing, in general. This effectively increased the sound, hence causing mechanical keyboards to be relatively louder. This type especially gives membrane switches an upgraded scissor-like specialized mechanism. Best Overall Quiet Mechanical Keyboard. However, if you have an old keyboard and you intend to make it quieter, you can do it by opening the settings and then clicking on the language and the input section. This improves the feel of the model and makes a short distance for the key to be pressed. This model is one of the top options in the market, and it’s no wonder because recent buyers are all praise for the performance of this amazing model. Durgod is known for their buttery smooth stabilizers and awesome build quality. Anne Pro 2 60% keyboard w/ Gateron Brown switches, Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 MX Silent Red keyboard, Best Gaming PC Builds under $2500 – Intel & AMD. However, its key features like two USB ports and an extra-long cable make it suitable for people who like convenience. With this brand, it’s certainly different. They also don’t wear out, even after several years of usage. What Makes a Mechanical Keyboard Quiet? FREE Shipping. Hardcore gamers, digital designers, and coding freelancers all look for quieter versions of mechanical keyboards. Durgod K320: Best Quiet Mechanical Keyboard for the Office. With a rugged construction that can withstand a range of situations, it is no wonder this model is at the top of our list. This is another important feature that influences the level of noise that is produced. The considerably loud noise was due to manufacturers using rubber to cover the many actuation switches. These reviews will help you find the very best options within the industry. It comes with three USB ports that allow for multi-functionality. The Durgod K320 is one of the best keyboards for typing. With rising respect for one’s convenience, more and more people are turning toward products that offer them more comfort, and a quieter mechanical keyboard is one such product. It is one of the cheapest models in the market that also offers superior performance. This unit comes with super-fast macro keys that are fully programmable. This model comes with programmable keys, which make it suitable for programmers, typists, and people working in offices. Let’s find out the pros and cons of this type and decide how well it handles this newfound fame. Cherry G80-3000 Keyboard. Any product that offers linear mechanical switches, better customization, and RGB lighting is expected to be really expensive, but that’s certainly not the case with this unit. Control noise, speed, and precision using your fingertips. This is likely to annoy not just the people using it, but also anyone sitting close by. It is equipped with 8 MBs of onboard storage that come with hardware macro playback. Don't be overwhlemed looking for your first Mechanical Keyboard! It also ensures more responsiveness, which is an important feature. The next generation of mechanical keyboards is energizing, and this model has certainly exceeded all expectations. What makes a mechanical keyboard loud is the action of the individual switches. Hence, we’ve come up with this buying guide and product review of 7 of the best silent mechanical keyboard. Since forever people have had to deal with noisy keyboards that come with reduced comfort and convenience, but now trends are changing, and people are becoming more aware. Meanwhile, it has one significant drawback: The obvious and most important disadvantage to these mechanical keyboards is that they are relatively expensive. Work schedules and timing can be exhausting, and people who sit on computers all day get really tired when they have to work with faulty keyboards. This not only gives it a stunning exterior look, but the slick and anodized aluminum panel also adds to the strength of the model, thereby adding to its appeal. Cherry MX Red switches are a favorite in the community, and the Silent versions keep everything … This type is also the basic key switch mechanism you will find on most of your keyboards.