Don’t be tempted to use chicken or turkey food to save money or because it is easier to get hold of. Pheasant require the right shelter, food and sanitary conditions in order to survive. As a direct result of increases in rearing, nowadays nearly four-fifths of shoot providers rely on released pheasants, with an estimated 35 million pheasants released each year. Subsonic .22LR ammunition – what’s the best type for your rifle? Having one or two people in charge of rearing pheasants will work better than a rota system, though the latter does work well once the poults are in a pen. In our experience, this is a better method than crating birds the night before, even if it means they are released a little later in the day. © Copyright TI Media Limited. Do you still want to rear gamebirds? They can be professionally serviced and most parts are replaceable. All rights reserved. Introduction. Do I need written permission to use ferrets on farmland? Before you take any steps to start on rearing gamebirds yourself you need to be aware of the key factors involved. I’ve also seen them reared in cowsheds, garages, barns and garden sheds, all of which worked perfectly well. From your record-keeping — a legal requirement for anyone who rears game — to your foot dips, predator control and chemical storage, everything must be right. It soon turned into a passion for Ian and when he left school all he wanted to do was be a gamekeeper. You need to think seriously about rearing gamebirds right from the beginning and consider it as a business, whether you’re rearing to sell to others or for a DIY shoot of your own. Having one or two people in charge of rearing pheasants will work better than a rota system, though the latter does work well once the poults are in a pen. In the first six months after release the group were discovered to be at less risk of dying from natural causes but in the following breeding season the mortality difference evened out. There is little to choose from as far as quality goes between the feed firms at the top end of the market, and as you will only be using a relatively small amount for the first six or seven weeks, using decent feed can make all the difference. Might the annual rainfall be so high as to make life difficult? What brought the story into the tabloids was…, All our articles and videos on this ancient 'breed', Browse through our reviews of new and second-hand guns, This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google. 2006 Welfare of Animals (Transport) Order for England. The same goes for sawdust and shavings from a sawmill or a friend’s planer. Game rearing is “non-agricultural” in law. The Pheasant Rearing Protocol Over recent years we have adopted a “Seed, Weed and Feed” approach to rearing. The newer models have thermostats, which can save on the cost of gas, but they are more expensive and tend to be a bit big unless you are planning to rear 1,000 at a time. Birds that haven’t been unduly stressed often walk out of the crates immediately, wander over to the feed and start scratching about, or head straight to the feeders and drinkers. If there isn’t enough land, the applicant gets rejected. Brooding and rearing. Is the soil free-draining? Are there other game or poultry units nearby, which could be a potential disease threat? They are expensive, and while they will last for years, it is quite a lot of money to spend for what is only going to be one or two days’ use a year. I’ve seen birds reared on concrete and I wasn’t impressed. It is also useful for a part-time keeper or DIY shoot, because the person looking after the chicks may not be able to drop everything and dash back to get the birds into the hut if it looks as though it might be about to rain. One thing people often trip up on is waste management. to catching, transportation and preparation for release.