Everything you said right down to the moxie and Humpty Dumpty bow chips!! http://www.beansmeats.com is our website address. Our Bright Leaf Hot Dog is our signature food product and is the quintessential southern red hot dog. They’ve been making hot dogs since 1918 (“150 Years, 5 Generations, and 4 Million Hot Dogs Last Year” their Web site says), but once you venture further south you may only be able to find Kayem “Reds,” a red snapper-style dog made in Chelsea, MA. Serve hot on buns, spoon on extra … I’ve seen pink hotdogs in Hawaii, the Philippines and Hong Kong but those taste like regular hotdogs, and they are fortified with calcium through milk powder while they taste much like regular hotdogs, maybe a little fattier. Ladies and gentlemen… the red snapper hot dogs of Maine. Red Hot Chicago franks and sausages are made with fresh domestic beef, seasoned using our classic recipe. But it seems that Mainers, like myself, chomp down on the hot dogs at backyard barbecues and high school sporting events without really knowing much about the history of the dish. My favorite day to do a little shopping at the plant is Friday when steamed red hots and buns are set out for customers (and employees – always a good sign) to snack on. Linda, if you were able to order them on line I am guessing there a any people out here who would love to do the same. Just add a bag of Humpty Dumpty chips, potato salad, french fries, or anything else that’s a little greasy with an ice cold root beer, Moxie, or grape soda. We can’t get to the good old-fashioned New England top load hot dog rolls here and to me it is a sin to put my red dogs onto the traditional hinged hot dog roll oh, that is so sacrilegious. Dressed down or loaded up, when it comes to red snapper hot dogs the topping combinations are endless. These Weiner Businesses are Giving Back. We love those and if they are it is nice time know I can purchase them up there. The bright red does add a huge dose of fun and vibrancy to eating enjoyment, as well as helping distinguish Filipino hotdogs from the blander, more common franks and sausages. In fact, they do just that at a Maine Red Hot Dog Festival complete with hot dog stands, eating contests, and plenty of hot dog hat-wearing attendees every year. I like them grilled but they are streamed if you don’t ask for grilled. … Oh I am with you there! Awesome!! Nothing better than a good red hot dog in a split top bun toasted, Humpty Dumpty BBQ chips and Moxie. I think it’s her Maine roots!!! Photo: Portland Press Herald; Illustration: Maitane Romagosa/Thrillist. Let us know! A third (the melted cheese underneath hidden by the hot dog) has a few spoonfuls of sauteed mushrooms and onions. Bygone Maine brands. This question haunted me as I grew up in Maine. Best hot dogs ever and combined with a New England hot dog bun, sheer heaven! With beautiful coastal views, historic lighthouses, and colorful foliage, New England is a place of great beauty and charm. Here, one hot dog is waiting for a simple squiggle of ketchup while the second gets dressed with traditional relish and a slug of Maine-made Raye’s “Down East Schooner” Mustard. It seems likely that Maine’s red snapper tradition stemmed from the European practice of dying older dogs red, but these days, the bright red color is no longer a warning that you might be eating older-than-normal meat. I order them on line now as I hate being without them. OMG they were Oh So Good! The buns as tradition goes are j.j.nisson buns! I read through all the comments and people are just wanting to order the beans are the Jordan’s hot dogs with the hot dog buns but there’s no answer to where you order them maybe that should be included hello. We still keep this tradition, but am getting so making home made gets hard as you age, but we still try. How can we get some of these hot dogs and buns for our family reunion in Michigan? We have become big fans of the red snappers, but when we make a trip to R.I. in July, we’ll be bringing home some saugies. I want to do it again soon!!! Also must have the open top buns. Nothing like a Maine dog! Wish y’all could sell them down here in Springtown TX. That was my dads company..I miss them so much! Hot Dog Sales Are Red-Hot. They are not necessarily with the rest of the hot dog rolls. Hot dogs are very popular throughout the United States. Well, yes they do exist, but honestly they are not as good as I get older as I remember as when young. And let’s not forget mustard pickles. Hot dog carts are synonymous with the city of Copenhagen and the rød pølse is an iconic order. W A Beans & Sons, Bangor ME – Red Snapper Hot Dogs: I searched high and low for anything like them, but they are definitely one of a kind. ©2020 Group Nine Media Inc. All Rights Reserved. This setting should only be used on your home or work computer. They lasted 2 days unfortunately and for me, the best way to cook them seems to cook as many as I will eat immediately as otherwise the fact that they are sitting in the fridge and waiting for me never leaves my mind until there are none left hehe.. Jordans are now made by Kayme.