You can get them everywhere as you know. Thanks for any advice you may have. Steps: Removed the lock, that´s the movable metal ring. In addition to locking the blade open (safety while in use), it is possible to lock the blade closed (safety on the go). Pry outward and upward until the ring pops up over the blade. That blade is a beautiful, sweeping clip point, with a glorious full flat grind, unadorned save for a nail mark, the words “Opinel Carbone,” and the famous main couronnée logo stamped close to the pivot. Etched the stripes with mustard (left it on the blade for 1 hour). The locking ring will fail under force and is not a reliable lock. 2-5) lack the Virobloc ring, but with a blade as large as the one on the No.8, I think the lock is necessary. Twist the ring until the open slot portion is aligned with the pin. You should be able to remove the lock ring now. 9 with carbon steel. The locking rings do not lock up as tight as my old ones and simply wiggle loose with any use of the knife at all. Modified an Opinel for the first time, I used an Opinel No. Is this now considered normal? It will do the same thing in the open position, or just spring off over the wood handle. Invented by Marcel Opinel in 1955, the Virobloc safety ring is fitted to all folding knives sizes No6 through No12. Currently I have the impression, that nobody cares and everybody buys the knives with the ring. Cut out of stainless steel, the Virobloc has two sections, one fixed and one sliding. The smaller Opinels (nos. I never experienced this ever before with my older Opinel Knives. Try this, with the closed opt and the locking ring in the locked closed position, pull open the blade. The blades are super sharp and ultra thin so very easy to resharpen. Re: Re-Handling Opinel knife Thanks Terry but I can't lock mine closed and if you turn the collar about 1/2 way to locked there is a steel cylinder around the handle and a pin or rivet joining the blade to the cylinder. The raised channel on the locking ring is for clearance for … I can shake the knife and you hear the ring just rattling around. This is accomplished by rotating the locking ring until the non locking side of the ring touches the closed blade. The first Opinel didn't have this ring, and they sell in France in the larger towns also Opiniel knives where the ring is missing, I have seen that mainly a few years ago, when they got a similar law like Britain now. If you p[ull nice and hard, the locking ring will just pop off and go flying someplace under a table. Makes it perfect for picnics and garden stuff. Then insert a small screwdriver into the raised portion that encompasses the pin. I removed the locking ring, very easily done without damage as lock knifes are not UK legal. Have many Opinel knifes and never disappointed.