A single, stereo, ⅛” headphone jack is the only audio output — you’ll need an adapter cable to connect the FP-10 to your mixer or speaker system. Let me know what ya think of the keyboard. What I found at one of the piano forums is as well that one should be aware that “activating both onboard and external units will also applay the internal preset EQ to both. The fp-10 & fp-30; unlike the fp-60 do not have Audio out. The Roland FP-10 comes with the Roland DP-10 sustain pedal which is not the greatest pedal. Thanks, AJ! I recommend that you change the touch setting to Light when you want to play Jazz Scat, as it can be hard to get to that last sound, especially on a chord. I asked Roland about the sounds, and they provided these descriptions: Piano 1: Concert Piano — “The sound of a splendid concert grand piano. Play harder and you get a short dot sound, a little harder and you get bop. The Roland FP-10 is the first entry-level piano to beat the Yamaha P-45 in my opinion. If you play with headphones, you will be more than fine. If the sheets slide down, they catch on the rolled lip of the clip and don’t slide off. When internal speakers are deactivated, the EQ flattens out”. The Yamaha P125 ($600) has excellent sounds and features for the money, but its action isn’t as refined as the FP-10’s PHA-4 action. Conclusion - Roland FP-10 Review. You will find 15 built-in sounds on the Roland FP-10 including: When comparing this to the FP-30, you will notice that there are an additional 20 built-in sounds. You can adjust the touch-sensitivity so it plays to the velocity of your keystrokes. Best Synthesizers Under $500 – 5 Great Picks. Chris Senner is a passionate keyboardist, songwriter & blogger from Milwaukee, WI. At the fore of this trend have been Casio, Roland, and Yamaha, closely followed by Kawai and Korg, with some lesser-known brands such as Alesis and Williams (a Guitar Center house brand) also offering models. I find this to be quite amazing as this leads to an extremely realistic play. There are a couple of great things to note in this department. Organ 1 is a tonewheel organ (think Hammond B3), and it’s a decent sound with the percussion on. I’m not sure I buy into Roland’s marketing claims about the key surfaces absorbing sweat like real ivory does, but they did feel very much like the real thing. I have a question: As far as I know, after last firmware update of Roland FP-10 (and perhaps FP-30 as well), this combination of keys enables internal speakers while keeping the connection to the headphones. This isn’t the greatest, but it can get the job done if you’re just a beginner. I’m not sure I buy into Roland’s marketing claims about the th… There is no way to use both headphones and the internal speakers. In this price range, I don’t believe there are any options that provide a more smooth play upon hitting the keys. Well, I just ordered the FP10 and for me it was entirely the realistic feel of the keyboard itself and the midi functionality. Slim, sleek, and relatively light in weight are how I would describe the Roland FP-10. As you might expect from the inclusion of all these bass sounds, the app can be used to split the FP-10’s keyboard, with control over the split point, the sound levels of the two halves, and the octave setting of the left-hand sound. If you’re a pianist who has been playing for many years,  you will notice that you can hit the keys further back easier than on other digital pianos. This isn’t the biggest deal as you can always get another one for a cheap price. Both had crisp sounds, nice ambience, and an accurate key-off noise that was maybe a bit loud. Otherwise, after a month, we love this keyboard, as new & returning (from childhood) players. I just purchased today the fp10 I took four small binder clips, attached to the front of music stand lip, and removed the chrome wire clips by squeezing them. Had a hard time to decide between FP-10 and P45 but this review helped me decide, thanks! Best 88 Key MIDI Controller Keyboard In 2020, Best Fake Books For Piano – All Genres Of Music, Prepared Piano – A Complete Guide To This Technique, Best Ways To Learn To Play The Piano In 2020. Hi John! Played softly, it’s a wonderful and sustained doooo sound, nice for sustained chordal playing or a soft line. This is because of a new technology they have tried out and I think this is great and you can definitely tell a difference in the feel here. The keys two octaves higher are labeled for working with the onboard metronome: Tempo up and down within a range of 10–500 bpm, in increments of 1 or 10 bpm; 14 different beats/time signatures; and metronome volume. You mention, “I never make a big deal about the speakers on digital pianos as I almost always run it through monitors or headphones.”……. Roland offers a free iOS/Android app, Piano Partner 2, that’s compatible with many Roland keyboards. This makes for a full tone and a more organic feel overall. I’ve been playing keyboards for over 20 years and this is the place that I love to share my knowledge. Roland offers no descriptions of these sounds in the FP-10’s documentation, which is a shame — buyers of this instrument would probably benefit from them. It’s really a great thing to have included as there are many things you can take advantage of with this technology. In depth review, thx. If not, you can pick one up for extremely cheap as well. It’s unclear just what Roland means by “future updates” for such a low-priced instrument, and I wouldn’t expect any. A stellar Harp tone is included, along with nylon- and steel-string guitars. The app can record and play back your own playing, and you can name those files, but there seems to be no way to export them — they’re recorded only as MIDI data that must be played back through the FP-10. The sound system they used on this is their SuperNATURAL system. My least favorite setting is the fixed setting. Roland has a big win in this department because of this. I was very impressed by the FP-10’s PHA-4 action, also used on a number of other Roland models. Do you have any experience when it comes to playing the Roland FP-10? This can be frustrating and it seems they did this to create part of the sleek design. Hi Jacek: I looked online and I can’t find any update files/history for the FP-10, and looking at the current manual online there is no mention of the key combination you offer. Hi friend, excellent review!, which key action and finger to sound connection did you prefer between FP10 and FP90, and why?…, is Kawai ES7/8 a faster key action, more confortable and reliable than the Roland FP10?… Thanks!….