There are a variety of courses and degrees which business owners can complete; they range from GCSEs in Business Studies, through to masters and doctorates. Let's take a couple of moments to review what we've learned about religion's influence and impact on business and economics. One example of a qualification business owners often look to complete several years after they graduate is an MBA (Master of Business Administration). Secondly, the question regard-ing the contribution of religion as a force in change will be addressed. Because there are so many different careers available, the role of education is not the same for any two paths. role of religion and education in modern business transformation Expert Answer The dramatic outgrow of religious people has become so prevalent in the current world. How do you see the cultural transformation for companies in South Africa? Thirdly, a … The author is an ordained minis-ter and affiliated with Christianity, and for this rea-son the focus will be the Christian religion. Students who believe that a career as a mechanic is ideal for them need basics in the core areas but then need to start specializing in technical areas when they reach the later years of … The role of religion in sociology and business ethics For most people in Africa religion is as self-evident as agnosticism or atheism is for most students coming in as interns from the Netherlands. social transformation. Religion is a systematic set of beliefs that influences human behavior. Question 2) Discuss the role of Religion and Education in modern business transformation with appropriate examples. Comment. This can lead to awkward misunderstandings. discuss the role of religion and education in modern business transformation with appropriate examples Education for business owners.