LOW BATTERY. Garage door opener activates, but the garage door does not move. If your garage door opener beeps every 30 seconds, you might need to replace … Reset closed with a car remote, smart travel limits. Your garage door might be operating on battery power. Reset circuit breaker. TROUBLESHOOTING PROBLEM POSSIBLE CAUSE SOLUTION Garage door opener is in the fully The safety sensors are not Inspect sensor wires for damage and open position and cannot be receiving power. This will usually only happen during a power outage, but it can happen on its own, too. When setting or testing travel limits, a buzzer sounds and the DOWN button in the console blinks … … 3. Page 11 When not connected to an AC power source, the garage SMART PHONE COMPATIBILITY door opener and LED lights can be operated with Ryobi The garage door opener can be operated remotely with a 18 Volt One+ lithium-ion and nickel-cadmium batteries. If your garage door opener operates on battery backup, beeping might mean your battery is low. Your garage door beeps when it’s operating on battery backup power. Another reason your garage door opener is beeping may be that the battery for your backup is running low. ensure they are installed correctly. 4. Introducing The RYOBI Ultra-Quiet Garage Door Opener. Introducing the RYOBI ™ ultra-quiet garage door opener with the most powerful motor, best-in-class warranty, and unprecedented innovation. Whenever that happens, the opener will beep to let you know it’s running on the backup battery. Look for the LED light on your garage door opener to see if this is the case. Page 12: Loose Parts LOOSE PARTS Fig. If you’re confused as to where to look on your garage door opener, check out the LiftMaster® video below. Your backup battery might be running low on power or unable to recharge. This is also helpful if your garage door opener is operating on battery backup when it shouldn’t be — it alerts you that something might be wrong.