There was a problem. The Galaxy Book Flex Alpha is a winner if it gets anywhere near Samsung's ambitious 17.5-hour battery life rating. The Book Flex sailed through everything I threw at it, including fairly complex image manipulation in Affinity Photo on an external 4K monitor. It’s fairly big, fast and accurate, but its placement takes some getting used to as it takes up half the space usually dedicated to the right shift key. The screen is colour-rich and bright, but its 16:9 ratio and relatively low resolution let it down compared with better-equipped rivals. Get this Lenovo tablet for $89 in this epic Cyber Monday deal, Apple Watch 6 hits lowest price, up to $120 off in Amazon Cyber Monday deal, Black Friday isn't over! The battery can be replaced out of warranty by authorised service providers. Visit our corporate site. Most of the Samsung apps are useful. We haven't spent time with the Galaxy Book Flex Alpha yet, but the laptop is similar in many ways to the Galaxy Book Flex. You push it in to release the stylus and then write on the screen. You need a sim-ejector tool or long paperclip to access it, which lends itself more to storage expansion using a card you don’t remove, rather than as a traditional reader you just use briefly with a card you take out of your camera or similar. The Galaxy Book Flex Alpha is a winner if it gets anywhere near Samsung's ambitious 17.5-hour battery life rating. Plus, a backlit keyboard makes it easy to knock out late-night projects. The only hint we get is that it'll run on Intel 10th Gen processors. New York, It took a week to adjust to the shortened shift key taken up by the fingerprint scanner. It ticks most boxes, has a good amount of power on tap, long battery life, a good keyboard and solid build. Get $200 off in Galaxy Book Flex QLED laptop deal. It was generally cool-running too, with the fans occasionally audible at a low level, and the deck of the laptop becoming only slightly warm to touch. The convertible form means you can stand the laptop up as an A-frame. Most of the competition have the higher resolution 3K or 4K screens, which are noticeably crisper than full HD. Wacom Intuos Pro now $100 off as Black Friday deals continue, Forget the iPad mini! The speakers are surprisingly loud and clear, but lack any real bass and vibrate through the deck of the laptop quite a lot. It has three USB-C ports, of which two are Thunderbolt 3, which is better than some competitors that ship with just one or two. The good-sized keys are isolated and well-spaced with a reasonable amount of travel and feel. The Galaxy Book Flex seamlessly converts from laptop to tablet with just a turn. A bigger loss is the stylus slot (Active Pen sold separately) found on the Galaxy Book Flex but not the Alpha version. As Samsung's TVs prove, QLED is typically brighter and more colorful than LED. Interestingly, Samsung says the Galaxy Book Flex Alpha will have UHD graphics, not the Iris Plus graphics that pair with higher-end Ice Lake processors. The versatile Samsung Galaxy Book Flex α has an ultra slim 2-in-1 design that smoothly transforms from laptop to tablet. If that 13.3-inch QLED display is as good as we're hoping, and Samsung didn't compromise on performance to get the price so low, then the Galaxy Book Flex Alpha could ask serious questions of the HP Envy 13, our current favorite sub-$1,000 laptop. The trackpad doubles as a wireless charger that can power a Qi-compatible smartphone, watch, headphones or other accessory. Samsung is being coy about what lies under the hood of the Galaxy Book Alpha. Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, Like its more premium relative, the Alpha model has a flexible aluminum chassis that folds into a tablet or into tent mode for viewing content. Samsung’s pre-installed apps provide functions such as the Air Command tools for the S-Pen. A really useful charging and battery status screen is displayed when you charge the laptop while powered off. The Galaxy Book Flex marks a solid return to the laptop market in the UK for Samsung. It compares favourably to the 13in laptop competition, including the Surface Laptop 3, Dell XPS 13 and Apple MacBook Pro. It has two full Thunderbolt 3 ports on the right side and one USB-C only port on the left, which means you have more flexibility in your connection options when you have one port for power and another for a monitor. That means you end up doing a lot of vertical scrolling as sites and documents don’t fit as well as on laptops that use a taller ratio such as 16:10 or 3:2. Lasting an average of 11 hours between charges during the work day, including 90 minutes of photo editing, lots of browsing and word processing, with the screen brightness set to 70%. Talk about a flex. The Galaxy Book Flex Alpha will be available in the first half of 2020 starting at $829. The 2020 MacBook Pro and Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 each lasted 7.5 hours under similar conditions. The Galaxy Book Flex marks a solid return to the laptop market in the UK for Samsung. The Galaxy Book Flex Alpha is an ultra-portable laptop, measuring just 0.55 inches thick and weighing in at 2.6 pounds. Please refresh the page and try again. Thin, light, flexible, and a big battery… Get instant access to breaking news, the hottest reviews, great deals and helpful tips. We're looking forward to setting our eyes on the Book Flex Alpha's QLED panel and putting it through our quantitative testing. It's not that I expect the Galaxy Book Flex Alpha to outperform the best laptops, but the Alpha's QLED display could make it an incredible value.