Chef Rick Bayless was a customer of Sea to Table … The quality of the product has been excellent every time. This is the 4th order from them and only had one slight problem which they corrected right away. SAVE $15 on your first order with code FIRSTORDER15. But the model is not yet scalable, and that is precisely what Sea to Table’s ex-workers point out. Prawns are in the freezer waiting for the barbie. Sea to Table partners with local fishermen from small-scale sustainable wild fisheries, finding better markets for their catch. This was my first time ordering from an online seafood service. Delivered on time. © 2020 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. The ordering process is a little confusing for me, which resulted in me getting double the quantity I had intended in my last order. Order USA wild-caught, sustainable, traceable seafood. They allege that Dimin turned a blind eye to these flaws as … In the meantime, we’d love to connect. Highly recommend! We are big fans and have started trying various different boxes! I’m not sure if I can still recommend the company as highly. Emily. Subscribe today and make eating the best seafood part of your everyday life. All of our seafood is wild caught by American fishermen in US waters ensuring the healthiest, most delicious seafood you can find. From sea to table. Always fantastic fish. Sea to Table’s boats have blast freezers that go as low as -180°. We’ll be in touch with tasty tips and tricks, special offers, and fun tales from the sea. It's nice knowing that I'm purchasing from a company that is so transparent and provides sustainable seafood choices. All skin-on fishes. I will be ordering for my daughter in NY for Xmas. I will continue to use you as my main fish connection! The packaging was amazing. A collection that is packed with the sweetest, richest flavors the sea has to offer. The company guarantees that its products are wild-caught and directly traceable to docks, and often specific boats, in the U.S. New Sea To Table coupons are published approximately every 30 days days. Received shipment promptly, still slightly frozen. Additionally, authorised third parties will be able to inspect the data. Ordered 3 is super odor ever. From sea to table Royal Greenland is one of the leading seafood Groups in the world. Love the idea of “sea to table” and I”m looking forward to future orders. I am very picky, and not a big seafood eater, but I have really enjoyed all the fish and seafood purchased from them. Tried the Skate tonight and it was excellent! Everything comes frozen with dry ice packages around it. This was my first time ordering from Sea2table and I was very happy with the product. Fast delivery, exactly as described, great customer service, WORTH IT! Join us in Celebrating America's Seafood! All received in very good consition. Thank you! We appreciate your new packaging for us in a hard to get to area. The best fish, the best packing job (very environmentally friendly) and excellent service. Sea2Table's current packaging is the best I've seen from the outfits that ship frozen seafood, truly exceptional.The product is good but not particularly better than that of other shippers; they all offer good seafood and I doubt I can taste the difference between one firm's, for example, Sockeye salmon and another's. Sea To Table is Awesome! When you sign up our mailing list.We promise not to spam you – no fishy business. … Love the size packaging as it is perfect for 2 adults for dinner per type. You have also opened our eyes to different types of fish we had never tried before. The package tells you where the fish came from, how it was caught and other interesting facts. I like the quality but do wish the portions could be more even and an ounce larger. The shipment is convenient and remained cold even when we could not get to it immediately on our porch. Salmon was the freshest salmon I have ever purchased and tasted delicious without any seasoning. Excellent quality seafood! They send emails from time-to-time on ideas as respects how to prepare the fish. Sea2Table is the best fish delivery I ever found. Nice improvement. Delivering overnight, direct from the source, reducing time and cost, allowing diners to know the who, how and where of the impossibly fresh fish they enjoy, creating a direct connection from fisherman to chef. I love your products, always arrived in good conditions and the taste is yummy . I highly recommend ordering from this store. The product so far has been terrific. We researched many companies like SeatoTable and chose it because of its sustainable fishing. Over the last 360 days we have published 12 new Sea To Table discount codes. Packaged beautifully and frozen, even in the summer months! Still frozen and dry ice still in the package. I received my first order of Sea to Table last week. It's so wonderful to know not only what waters your fish comes from, but know everything from how it's caught and where it's processed helps me make better choice on what eat. Period. The entire process was smooth a d easy so will gladly continue with a monthly service. Instructions on bad were on point and knowing where the fish came from was both a relief and something I could feel proud of. Recent shoppers have saved an average of $23.48 when they used our coupons to shop online at Sea To Table. Back to the fish…the skate wing is awesome as is the cod. While no actual kosher certification is involved, this could just as easily have been called the culinary kit. I will keep ordering! I have not tried any of the items yet from the order, but I know from past experience they will be very good. Sea To Table, founded more than two decades ago, offers fresh wild-caught seafood sourced from small-scale American fishermen. This is a manageable business model. If you plan on poaching the lobster be sure to salt the water ahead of time to keep the meat tasting like the sea. With Sea to Table, you can Eat Better Fish and know where your seafood comes from. Outstanding fish at a fair deal! Sea to Table offers a variety of products including the Salmon Lover's Box, the Sea To Shining Sea, the 'Kosher' Kit, the Marine Lobster Tails, and the Sweet & Succulent Seafood Set. Frozen solid all the way to TX and perfectly packaged. The salmon came with a 4 ounce piece and a two ounce piece...And a lot of water. Very happy with the service, quality of the fish, and the eco-friendly packaging. Everything in the box is recyclable, including the isolation layer between the box and the fish. When it comes to salmon you can’t beat wild Alaskan and here we’re combining two of the best - Coho & Sockeye.