You won't be disappointed. A 1000 grit stone is fine for regular maintenance. It is ideal for maintaining and keeping sharp the blades of your kitchen knives. Shapton is so confident in their grading system that they are the only stones marked with the abrasive size down to 2 decimal places. Shapton seem to be very popular too. For a regular user the difference between the two stones will barely be noticeable, so it shouldn’t be argument. The Shapton stones sharpen a bit faster. It was my only sharpening stone for a couple of years, but what it lacked was the ability to repair fast dull or nicked edges so after struggling with it I bought a Tormek water-cooled grinder for grinding and shaping blunt edges. They are harder wearing and cut faster than the combination stones we offer. They remove material quicker and the higher hardness also allows you to move quicker. By whetstone I assume you mean water stone and not oil stone. Shapton Japanese Ceramic Whetstone Grit 1000 15mm. What are the best grits for a combination whetstone? SHAPTON. Shapton Glass Stones: sharper than glass. I started with a King 1000/6000 combination stone. ... Japanese Whetstone Double Grit 1000/3000 + water reservoir. It depends on; How much do you like your knives? Shapton sharpening stones excel at rough-sharpening an edge and at quickly producing an effective edge. Shapton Pro Series are "splash and go" ceramic stones, available in 320, 1000, 1500 and 5000 grit. 120-400 is for taking dings out of the edge or reprofiling. A solution would be to sharpen on the Naniwa 10,000 and finish on the Shapton 16,000-stone. These whetstones from the brand Shapton have a great durability and they provide fast results. The whetstone (or sharpening stone) is an essential kitchen accessory. The Japanese water stone manufacturer Shapton, from Nabatame, Tochigi Province, probably fabricates the hardest stones. Welcome to the collection of Shapton whetstones on MyChefKnives! Reviewed in the United Kingdom on July 10, 2020 Size: #12000 Verified Purchase I have a few whetstones, ranging in grit from 250 to 8,000 and I have been previously using my 8,000 grit stone to finish off my Global Knives - none of them in the price range of Shapton, to be fair. This makes the end-result even, which is a big plus for people that sharpen meticulously. On average, the abrasive particles in the stone are uniform in size and shape. £59.90 7 days Add to basket. Shapton are known for the homogeneity of the abrasive material. The Shapton Glass Stones sharpen quickly and evenly. They come in a plastic storage box which also functions as a stone holder. Shapton Glass Stone Set - 50408 Shapton Glass Stone Set 500, 2k, 16k + Field Holder In Stock $306 Get Details. How damaged are they? Compared to almost any other brand, Shapton stones tend to stay flat longer and need far less frequent dressing. Dimensions: 210x70