You’ve just seen the easiest, most basic pan substitution: the capacity of an 8” square pan and 9” round pan are the same (64”) and the pans can be substituted for one another in any recipe. Divide 117” by 2 and you get 58.5” — which falls right in between the two round sizes. If you’re baking bars, substitute one 9” square pan (81”), plus one 8” square or 9” round pan (64”) for a total area of 145”. The batter for Lemon Bliss Cake is a perfect fit for this 10-cup Party Bundt pan. But for now: cakes and bars. Differences in Cooking Time. But if it looks a bit skimpy in the 9” x 13” pan, go ahead and try it in your 8” round pans; so long as they’re 2” deep (yes, measure them to be sure), you should be fine. The two 9” round pans offer about 10% more space than the 9” x 13”. Discover all the pro tips here. 4.5 (radius) x 4.5 (radius) x 3.14 (pi) = 63.6, which we’ll round to 64”. First of all, if you don’t mind tweaking the recipe a bit you can increase all of the ingredients by 50% and bake it in a 9” x 13” pan (which is about 45% larger than a 9” square pan; increasing the recipe by 50% is easy, and close enough). Web page addresses and email addresses turn into links automatically. Then measure from the center to one side: 6”. Ditto any other square or rectangular pan. You may be able to shuffle bar recipes among shallower pans, since most bars don’t rise ultra-high. I was looking for answers for the difference between baking pans materials and sizes. Or, if the cake is baked in a flat pan, like a rimmed baking sheet, than you’re probably fine baking in a relatively shallow 2-inch-deep pan. Your tests answers both. Since most casserole pans are stoneware or glass (rather than metal) you might need to bake your bars or cake slightly longer, potentially at a lower temperature. You may get away with using shallower pans for bars, but use 2”-deep pans for best results with cake recipes. For example, a pan … These characteristics make pome fruits well suited to jams and jellies and also make them well suited to flavourful vinegars and alcoholic drinks. But, if your recipe was calling for a tube pan, and it was a 12-cup tube pan like ours, you could use an angel food cake pan with a capacity of at least 12 cups. King Arthur Baking Company, Inc. All rights reserved. Multiply one side by the other — 8” x 8” — to get 64”. Need it by Friday. The ingredients recommended for 9x13 is 10 eggs and 300gm each of flour and sugar and for 10x10 it is 8 egg and 240gm each of flour and sugar. For more information, read our post comparing glass, metal, and stoneware pans. For information on loaf pan sizes, check out our Choosing the right bread pan blog article. The point of these pans is their extra depth (usually 3” deep); and their facility in baking cheesecakes, or multi-layered/fragile cakes. Figure out an alternative using some simple math. Follow The Filling Rule. Remember, your 9” round pan’s capacity is 64”. The chart will help to assist you in selecting a successful substitute. The sides of the springform open up and can be lifted away from the cake, leaving it intact and upright; no need to turn the cake upside-down onto a rack. It’s not the best way of working but home cooks can’t have every single piece of equipment in the kitchen and this set of substitutions really helps. If it’s a high-riser, your wise choice will definitely be 9” round pans. Roll each dough piece into a long log, making them all the same size. Roll each dough piece into a long … Bundt pan size: which Bundt pan is best for a 9” x 13” cake recipe? You shouldn’t and really can’t substitute a 9” round, 8” square, or any other standard pan — it won’t be deep enough, and you’ll wreck your cake trying to get it out of the pan. Required fields are marked *. Now, what about springform pans? But, there's also nothing worse than waking up to a stale baguette for breakfast. How do you figure the area of an oval, though? Again, so long as it has a capacity of at least 10 cups. What if your Bundt pan is larger: say, 12-cup capacity? about Sat Bains Launches New Takeaway with his Mother, about See the Dishes from the Game Season Menu at Écriture, Hong Kong, about Easy Baked Turkey Wings Recipe: How to Make It, about Fresh Baguette: How to Keep Your French Stick Fresh for Longer, about Which Fruits Are Pomes?