115,52 EUR* * excl.Shipping costs. Once the telescope is aligned, the Go-To system allows the user to slew the telescope toward planets, stars, nebulae, … So for me, the Sky-Watcher SynScan’s combination of Dobsonian design and GoTo convenience is, indeed, a match made in heaven. With this, it’s possible to place the telescope in either a default Home position (level and aimed north) or any position you like and then turn off the scope. Thus I discovered a function missing from the software: Anti-Cord Wrap. The Sky-Watcher Dobsonian SynScan series is precision engineered instrument that will allow you to easily find and enjoy viewing night sky treasures, such as Planets, Nebulae, Star Clusters, Galaxies and much more. DOB 14" Collapsible. Heritage P130. SYNSCAN PRO APP. DOB 6" Traditional. Carina’s SkyVoyager software for iPhone and iPad shows oodles of objects, just the ticket for a big scope like this. Yes, it breaks down into the rocker box and tube, but these weigh 23 and 20 kilograms (50 lb/44 lb), respectively. I found that the telescope routinely placed all objects well within the one-degree field of a low-power eyepiece, sometimes nearly centred but usually no more than one-third of one degree away from centre. Most astronomers crave the large aperture of a Dobsonian telescope, yet the … DOB 12" Collapsible. Skywatcher GoTo Dobsonian? SynScan-GOTO Upgrade kit for Dobsonian Telesope, EQ8 Instruction (English Version); I do have the 12" collapsible SkyWatcher with SynScan and love it. For mounting a DOB Traditional, DOB Collapsible, or Newtonian Reflector telescope tube OTA on a SynScan DOB GoTo Upgrade Kit. Canada's magazine of astronomy and stargazing available in print and digital editions. Ultimate take-anywhere telescopes! Setup is very easy. by Hamish Thava. Plus the fast f/5 focal ratio of a large Dob is wonderful for “wide-field” views of many deep-sky objects and star fields — a jumbo 31mm Nagler eyepiece worked beautifully with this scope. But I’d argue that once you use a large-aperture Dobsonian with GoTo and tracking, it’s hard to go back to “hunt, push, and nudge, nudge, nudge.” Conversely, many tech-oriented buyers might never use all the features and photo potential of an SCT. Some might argue that Dobsonians appeal only to hard-core visual observers who shun anything high-tech, while the high-tech savvy buyers always opt for photo-capable Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes (SCT). Review: Sky-Watcher SynScan GoTo Dobsonian, Review: A New Travel Mount for Astrophotography. Each alignment attempt worked fine — I never saw the dreaded “Alignment Failed” message. Sky-Watcher Flextube 400P SynScan GOTO Collapsible Dobsonian Telescope. Then along comes Synta. Choosing the second star prompts the scope to slew to where it “thinks” that star should be. Instruction Manual of Star Discovery 2i (WiFi Version). With its SynScan Dobsonians, Sky-Watcher has produced large GoTo telescopes at breakthrough prices. Computers and motors take power. We put the LighTrack II from Fornax Mounts through its paces. 12 June 2019 Advertisement. The SynScan hand controller allows users to point the telescope at specific objects, or tour the night sky with the touch of a button! Latest Photos. Have not seen or heard mention of the conversion kit for some time. Under its Sky-Watcher brand name, the China-based company promises to deliver a 12.5-inch GoTo Dobsonian for one–quarter the price. Using a Carina SkyFi box, I was able control the telescope with an iPad. The Sky-Watcher Collapsible Go-To Dobsonian combines the great light gathering of the Dobson telescope with the convenience of the computerised system SynScan. Another feature that worked fine was the Park Telescope command. Such a combination makes for a dream telescope, to be sure, delivering lots of aperture, practical portability and the convenience of automatic tracking and push-button object finding. However, I found the Chinese-made f/5 optics to be excellent, with no obvious aberrations or optical flaws. Some might argue that Dobsonians appeal only to hard-core visual observers who shun anything high-tech, while the high-tech savvy buyers always opt for photo-capable Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes (SCT). On top of that, they are large and unwieldy. With its SynScan Dobsonians, Sky-Watcher has produced large GoTo telescopes at breakthrough prices. Copyright © 2011- 2018 Pacific Telescope Corp. All rights reserved. One supplier of premium Dobsonians sells a 12.5-inch model with add-on computerized GoTo for upwards of $6,000. ? Suggested by the SkyNews team, here’s a range of celestial gifts for the space aficionado in your life. While it lasted longer, it was too big to ride along with the telescope. I had to admit to being skeptical. Saturn showed crisp detail, and when the seeing allowed, close double stars were cleanly resolved. 121213V2, Information on how to install the EQ6 SynScan Upgrade kit, Dob SynScan Instruction Manual for all models 8\", 10\", 12\", 14\" & 16\". 76,72 EUR* … Skywatcher Losmandy Style Saddle Plate for EQ6 Mounts. It offers a good selection of targets, including all the deep-sky objects in the Messier, Cald­well, NGC and IC catalogues. If you have to carry your gear up and down stairs and through many doors, the 12.5-inch SynScan is not the scope for you. As long as it is not physically moved in the interim, you can wake it up the next night and resume find­ing and tracking objects without having to repeat the two-star alignment—just enter the new date and time. Could the new Sky-Watcher SynScan telescopes really work? - posted in Reflectors: Was hoping to get some feedback on the Sky-Watcher 8 Flextube SynScan GoTo Collapsible Dobsonian.. Having an interactive star chart in your hands to match the eyepiece field is wonderful for exploring fields of galaxies. Sky-Watcher. What kind of light shroud do you recommend? The SynScan hand controller allows users to point the telescope at specific objects, or tour the night sky with the touch of a button!