Most slide guitarists use open or ‘slack’ tunings. P.S. Top 10 Most Important Slide Guitar Players of All Time Warren Haynes. 1 and 2, Where The Blues Come From, Square Peg, Round Hole, Electric Memphis Blue, Stony Road. Cooder’s music draws from many different influences and includes elements of Eastern and African music, as well as roots music and country. . Patton was a celebrity in the Deep South, famous for his gritty, raw vocals and powerful performing style. Great list of players here! You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. Born into a musical family and named after Derek and The Dominos, Trucks started playing from a very young age. It’s a very expressive form of guitar playing and one that is perfect for the blues. Unusually, Patton often tuned his guitar up a step and a half, or even more. He was also one of the most influential. That in itself distinguishes Landreth from the other slide guitarists listed here. We should celebrate when artists take elements of the blues and fuse them with more mainstream genres. She was originally taught on a Hawaiian lap steel guitar and made the transition to an acoustic after discovering Robert Johnson’s seminal album ‘The King of The Delta Blues Singers’. I now have pretty much all his stuff too bad nobody knows him in my neck of the woods. Using a slide allows you to play all of the micro tones between frets. They’re a million miles away from the work of the other guitarists listed here. Raitt learnt the guitar as a young girl at a time when there were very few – if any- famous female guitarists. When it came to slide, he switched between using a knife and playing the guitar on his lap – as is more typical in Hawaiian guitar – and using a brass slide. I’ve also discovered some amazing modern slide guitarists in the process. I’m very pleased to see Chris Rea on your list. As a result, his slide playing has less clarity. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. Firstly, it allows them to dampen the strings behind the slide. It’s a crying shame that Johnny rarely gets the recognition that he deserves. I’ve been listening to some of Justin Johnson and I’ve started following him on social media too – and he is a killer player! Recommended Songs – Congo Square, Überesso, Blue Tarp Blues, Walkin’ Blues, Taylor’s Rock, Bound By The Blues. They also allow you to barre your slide across the neck at various points and voice chords as well. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. That is a great shout Mark – Johnny Winter is a brilliant slide guitarist, and an all-round killer blues guitarist. Your IP: He totally changed the way that guitarists played slide. Thanks very much for the comments Tim and you’re absolutely right – the more I look at this article the more I think I need to re-write it and include an additional 10 or 15 slide guitarists. Cooder is a prolific collaborator and session musician – performing with artists as diverse as Captain Beefheart and the Rolling Stones. Recommended Songs – Dust my Broom, Shake your Money Maker, The Sky is Crying, It Hurts me Too, Look On Yonder Wall. Handy first ‘discovered’ the blues at a train station in Tutwiler, Mississippi, it was a slide guitarist responsible for that revelatory experience: A lean loose-jointed Negro had commenced plunking a guitar beside me while I slept … As he played, he pressed a knife on the strings of the guitar in a manner popularized by Hawaiian guitarists who used steel bars. So Raitt’s use of a bottle neck made her stand out. I saw him many years ago as a teenager in the North of England and he was just awesome; he is an amazing guitarist and I think his singing is great too. It was a very traditional style of blues. Generally speaking, slide guitarists play chords and individual notes, or they use their slide. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. Born in Richland, Mississippi in 1918, James was exposed to the thriving Delta blues scene from an early age. Yet despite that, he recorded a wealth of amazing music. Billy Gibbons is better known for his fuzz laden riffs and masterful use of pinch harmonics than he is for his slide guitar playing. Recommended Songs – Just Got Paid, Tush, Sharp Dressed Man. She was recognised and praised for her use of the slide, and it came to be a defining part of her sound. It also allows you to slide up to and down from the target notes you want to play. Gibbons does dampen the strings with his index finger, but not to the same extent of the other slide guitarists listed here. Technically, he is flawless. I’m fairly new to all these musicians, but have been wowed by all of them, both with and without slide. Recommended Songs – Feelin’ Bad Blues, Vigilante Man, Paris,Texas, Fool For A Cigarette/Feelin’ Good, Klan Meeting. I’ve since started learning slide guitar. Slide guitar is such a key part of blues, and it opens up a whole range of tonal possibilities that the guitar does not normally offer. Derek is the nephew of Butch Trucks, the drummer for The Allman Brothers Band. Trucks spent time studying Hindustani and Sufi music and combined these Eastern influences with blues, country, rock and folk music. It has been awhile since I took that MUSIC of THE AMERICAS course at York University (Toronto and a B+ grade) BUT I thought that LONNIE JOHNSON and BLIND LEMON JEFFERSON used the slide as well. During his lifetime, Johnson was little more than an itinerant bluesman; playing in Juke Joints and on plantations and street corners. In my opinion, Duane Allman is a criminally underrated guitarist. Yet even if Ry Cooder’s solo material has never been on your radar, the chances are you’ve heard his guitar playing. Tragically, Allman was killed in a motor bike accident in 1971. Frustrated by his lack of progress, he left his hometown of Robinsville in Mississippi and went to a crossroads in nearby Clarksdale, where he made a pact with the devil. It’s been addressed, but a slide list is not complete without Johnny Winter. His slide guitar playing is heavy, biting and raw. Created by French Creole speakers, it blends blues with rhythm and blues and indigenous Creole music. It’s well worth a watch. Landreth does the opposite. I love his slide guitar playing on songs like ‘Dallas’ and ‘Bladie Mae’.