You’ll be able to automate your SMS marketing messages, and send several at once. SMS marketing is great for three main things: As an atypical and underused channel, SMS marketing offers ecommerce marketers a unique opportunity to build a relationship with their customers. Not only should you keep your SMS campaigns few and far between, but limits on characters and your customers’ attention spans means you need to get to the point, and quickly. SMS shouldn’t be overused, and combined in your email marketing automation workflow, SMS can pack an extra punch for time-sensitive offers. Apart from risking confusion amongst your recipients, unnecessary abbreviations, text speak, and improper capitalizations make your brand look unprofessional. SMS differs from email in that the messages are very short, with a limit of 160 characters and more immediate delivery. The benefits of using SMS marketing are tangible- and this doesn’t mean you should forego email marketing for its character-limited cousin. That’s the quickest way to turn off potential customers. Fastest Googler in the West. With that data, you can adjust your campaigns try different tactics to get the highest ROI possible. Send offers that are relevant based on location, or previous purchases.This helps build and maintain the relationship you have with your customers. Learn about SMS marketing with other enthusiasts. Think about it. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. What are your best SMS marketing tips? “Team, please be aware of building maintenance.”. Useful resources for brands looking to build & boost their online businesses in these uncertain times. Required fields are marked *. “Take 20% off your order with code THANKYOU.” 3. Content Marketing Manager for Omnisend. SMS marketing might get you excited, but before you whip out your phone and start sending manual messages to your customers, know that you should really be using an SMS marketing software for this. For your very best sales and promotions, you can add a bit of urgency in your text messages like in the example above. demo, allow you to add SMS directly to your email automation workflows, you’ll be able to make SMS marketing work, Klaviyo SMS vs. Omnisend SMS: Functionality and Pricing Comparison for 2020, Cart Abandonment SMS: How to Integrate Text Messages into Your Strategy. One of the first messages a business will establish as they start text message marketing is the welcome message. If you offered an incentive for signing up, send the discount code or link via SMS, then follow that SMS up with an email in case the SMS wasn’t enough to get the customer to purchase. The welcome message greets new SMS subscribers. Understandably, it can be challenging to get your message across with limited space. Lifestyle and community. It’s no surprise that 90% of SMS are read in the first 3 minutes. Welcome message. One of the best article i had read yet. Once per month. Customers report SMS as the most convenient way to stay in touch with service providers and businesses. Use an SMS marketing tool to automate your campaigns and keep your messages relevant. While it’s tempting to blast messages to numbers you already have but don’t have permission to contact, doing so could have serious consequences. That’s a lot of customers, and if your business taps into the power of SMS marketing… You have explained it from every perspective. There are always exceptions and only experience and testing will show what works best for a particular brand and audience. Just like these examples, craft your messages so that your customer knows exactly what to do next, how to do it, and when. In this example, the SMS message is the first message this user received. Also, the notification stays in place until the message is read. “Join us for a live webinar on 5/1 at 4 pm.” 4. Obsessed with pop culture, art, and metal. Start off with full disclosure: tell your customer what kind of text messages they should expect to receive from you. So why should your customers make the extra effort to determine the source of marketing messages? Subscribe through today to receive email marketing news weekly. Overusing this channel is the fastest way to kill it for your customers. © 2020 MobileMonkey Inc. All Rights Reserved. The Best SMS Marketing Examples. It’s great for that initial message, but you don’t want to overdo it. But that’s really no excuse to resort to text slang. If hours are changing, or appointments are being rescheduled, cancelled or moved, use SMS to update customers en masse. Sign up to receive our top tips and tricks for FREE! Email: [email protected] | Address: 359 Newbury Street, 5th Floor Boston, MA, 02115. If your message has important information about their order, include it in the message. Use one SMS per workflow for things like Welcome, Birthday, and cart abandonment workflows. Jump to the SMS marketing examples or read on for 10 SMS marketing examples with screenshots of real-time communication in action. Reveal the Power of Marketing Automation to Its Full Potential. Another great practice is to follow up with an email. As long as you’re not sending SMS campaigns every day, you should be fine. It is only 160 characters long, but is often the best performing among all your different marketing channels. Yes, text slang and abbreviations have become commonplace in SMS communications. Cart abandonment is the bane of any ecommerce seller. This is a channel that can burn out very quickly if you don’t know what you’re doing or if you send too many messages too quickly. Add to that the fact that the target audiences of ecommerce businesses are mostly digital natives—gen Z-ers and millennials who grew up with mobile phones. “Join us for a live webinar on 5/1 at 4 pm.”. If you can’t answer that question, put the phone down. “Your appointment is tomorrow, 3/17/2020, at 3:00 pm.”. That way, they won’t just be more receptive to what you have to say, but they’ll actually be more open to availing of whatever it is you have to offer. Whatever you decide to do, be sure to follow up with an email. Given the proximity of SMS for customers, it’s important to get it right the first time around. SMS is intimate, immediate, and overt in getting your customer’s attention. “Valued client, we have updated our policies. chatbots to increase webinar signups and send event reminders, Sign up for MobileMonkey’s OmniChat™ chatbot builder, How to Sell More Products Online Using Chatbots. Awesome article and great tips Whitney! and 3 Benefits are so much lovely. SMS demands a special occasion, and what’s a better special occasion than your customer’s birthday? The value of SMS marketing lies both in its format and proximity to consumers. Sending messages to people who don’t want them does nothing for you or your brand.