Al 3+ aluminum ion. SO4 2-sulfate ion. Another name for tin(IV) sulfite is stannic sulfite. Name each molecular compound. Other articles where Sulfur trioxide is discussed: oxide: Nonmetal oxides: First, oxides such as sulfur trioxide (SO3) and dinitrogen pentoxide (N2O5), in which the nonmetal exhibits one of its common oxidation numbers, are known as acid anhydrides. These oxides react with water to form oxyacids, with no change in the oxidation number of the nonmetal; for example, N2O5 +… Ba 2+ barium ion. Magnesium Oxide. In its liquid for it is colourless and fumes in air at ambient conditions. CO3 2-carbonate ion. Ni 2+ nickel(II)ion. Carbon (III) Sulfate. Common compound names. Mg 2+ magnesium ion. What is the difficulty of this problem? NO3 - nitrate ion. Not sure what you're asking since this is very simple. HSO4 - hydrogen sulfate ion. MgO3 is the chemical formula for which compound? K+ and SO3 -2 what the formula and name? Examples of molar mass computations: NaCl , Ca(OH)2 , K4[Fe(CN)6] , CuSO4*5H2O , water , nitric acid , potassium permanganate , ethanol , fructose . Fe 3+ iron(III)ion. A) sulfite B) sulfur (VI) oxide low difficulty. Sulfur trioxide exists in a number of modifications that differ in molecular species and crystalline form. a. phosphorus trichloride b. chlorine monoxide c. disulfur tetrafluoride d. phosphorus pentafluoride. I need help myself and I can't seem to ask the question because it says I can't post a question right now and try again later but I've waited for a while and I also noticed you're asking something within chemistry as … Mn 2+ manganese(II)ion. ClO2 - chlorite ion. Our tutors rated the difficulty ofWhat is the name for SO3? SO3 2-sulfite ion. Iron (II) Phosphate. Fe3(PO4)2 is the chemical formula for which compound? Or if you need more Naming Covalent Compounds practice, you can also practice Naming Covalent Compounds practice problems. Sulfur trioxide (alternative spelling sulphur trioxide) is the chemical compound with the formula SO 3, with a relatively narrow liquid range.In the gaseous form, this species is a significant pollutant, being the primary agent in acid rain. Cu 2+ copper(II)ion. Problem 65. Write a formula for each molecular compound… PO4 3-phosphate ion. Write a formula for each molecular compound. Sulfur trioxide is a chemical compound which is represented by chemical formula SO 3. a. SO3 b. SO2 c. BrF5 d. NO. MgSO3 because, with the criss cross method, the formula of magnesium sulphite is Mg2(SO3)2. The valency 2 & 2 are same therefore, they will be cut. H2O is the common chemical formula for water, ice or steam which consists of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen. Problem 66. Give the systematic name for the compound Al(NO3)3. Give the systematic name for the compound Co2(SO4)3. The compound is made by combining the ion tin(IV), which carries a charge of +4, with the ion sulfite, which is an atom of sulfur and three atoms of oxygen, carrying a total charge of -2. Cr 3+ chromium(III)ion. Phosphorus Pentachloride. I'm not sure, however. It has a molar mass of 278.83 grams per mole. CrO4 2-chromate ion.