James McKinnon, Principal of St. Michael's College School addresses the Class of 2020 in the school's first Virtual Graduation Awards Ceremony. Edward Qu, Fr. Jake Laville, Robert J. Buckley Memorial Scholarship ($500) – awarded annually to the graduate who has made an outstanding contribution to the arts while at St. Michael’s. Frank McCabe, CSB during his many years of service as a Basilian priest, teacher, and friend. Technical Award - Luke De Bartolo  Alexander Casalanguida, Matthew Stephen Antolin ’03 Memorial Scholarship ($5,000) – awarded to the graduate who embodied the ideals of optimism, selflessness, faith, positivity, and service during his time at St. Michael’s College School. (Saint Michael's College) Show All. While it was an unusual end to their final year of secondary school, the St. Michael’s College School (SMCS) Class of 2020 persevered, graduating in the midst of a pandemic. This award is presented to a graduating student who, during his years at St. Michael’s, exemplified this same spirit of perseverance and service to others. Aidan Bischoff. Joseph Cressatti, Spiritus Trophy – was presented to St. Michael’s College School on behalf of the Holy Ghost Fathers in 1958 by Fr. Aidan Bischoff, Fr. Joseph Cressatti, Brian Dunn Memorial Award for General Proficiency – established by the Dunn Family in memory of their son Brian Dunn (1959–1978), a former student at St. Michael’s. MAP/DIRECTIONS Norman Fitzpatrick Scholarship ($1,000) – awarded to the graduating student who has made a significant contribution to the theatre productions at St. Michael’s College School. Seung Jae Yang, Lieutenant Governor’s Community Volunteer Award – awarded to a student for exemplary community contribution or outstanding achievement through volunteer activity. Overlooking VT's Green Mountains, Saint Michael's is home to 2,000 undergraduates. Gregory James Choma-Sutter, Jonah Leduc, Michael Shu, and Yun Seok Yang, Fr. Dr. Jonathan Cardella '93 speaking at St. Michael's College School's Virtual Graduation Awards Ceremony for the Class of 2020. Dylan Amato-Gauci, Cattana Family Award ($500) – honouring Mr. Joseph Cattana ’46, awarded to the graduate who has achieved excellence in the Writer’s Craft course, and shows a passion for writing. The University of St. Michael’s College . “Congratulations to everyone,” James McKinnon, Principal of SMCS said during his closing remarks at the virtual ceremony. 81 St. Mary Street, Toronto ON M5S 1J4. On October 9, the SMCS community and families of the Class of 2020 gathered virtually again to celebrate the achievements of 176 graduates in the first-ever Virtual Graduation Awards Ceremony. Aidan Bischoff '20 is presented with the Spiritus Trophy at the St. Michael's College School's Virtual Graduation Awards Ceremony. Dennis Foy Award ($500) – presented to the graduate who has successfully integrated faith and culture. Niklaus Boatswain, Charlie Lewis Memorial Award ($500) – presented by the faculty of St. Michael’s College School to a student who studies Law and/or Geography in his graduating year, and who best exemplifies the  attributes of strong character, scholarship, a thirst for knowledge, and a passion for justice, advocacy and activism as epitomized by the late Mr. Charlie Lewis, a former teacher and coach at St. Michael’s College School. Joseph Cressatti, Medal of the Governor General of Canada – awarded to the student who graduates with the highest standing in the graduating class. “We have all been through so much in the past year in living and finding ways to thrive in one of the most challenging periods in our history.”. Be well, and congratulations.”. Kevin Zheng, Fr. Emile John, Vice Principal of St. Michael's College School presents awards at the Virtual Graduation Awards Ceremony. Albert Butler Scholarship ($3,000) – awarded annually to the graduating student who achieves the second highest academic average based on six SMCS subjects in the graduating year. 1 of 12. Patrick Fogarty Catholic Student Award – presented by the Catholic Education Foundation of Ontario to the student who exemplifies the ideals and values of a Catholic high school. Saint Michael's College Photos. Carlos Sebastian Vinasco-Lasso, Fr. U.S. News College … Fr. Malcolm Garvey, John B. Guerriere Award ($500) – awarded annually to the graduate who has shown an aptitude for music while at St. Michael’s and plans to continue with his studies in music. The award, consisting of the St. Michael’s Medal and a $500 bursary, is given to the graduate with the highest academic average in his graduating year. Sicheng Hong, Patricia Boland Memorial Award ($500) – awarded to the graduate who has made a significant contribution to the Reach for the Top programme. Antonio Davila, Dr. Salvatore Arrigo Award ($500) – in his honour, the Class of 1991 established the Dr. Salvatore Arrigo ND Award, presented to the student who achieves the highest academic mark in Grade 12 Biology. Norman Fitzpatrick Scholarship ($1,000) – awarded to the graduating student who has made a significant contribution to the theatre productions at St. Michael’s College School. Home; Elections 2020; Local; Vermont; VT Politics & Government; Police & Courts; Education Bernard Holland Award ($500) – awarded to the graduate who has achieved a high standard of excellence in Industrial Arts. Gary McCarthy, CSSP, who taught at St. Michael’s in preparation for the opening of Neil McNeil High School in September of that year. ", “You’re all on the road to the start of something great,” he says. Holland ’27 built St. Pius Church in Calgary, Alberta, which was founded by the Basilian Fathers. Issay Amaha, Thomas Campbell ’04 Achievement Award ($1,000) – presented annually on behalf of the Campbell family to the graduating student whose reflective and curious mind has pushed education beyond classroom learning and has thereby enhanced the experience for those around him. Lucas D’Elia, Fr. Congratulations to the Class of 2020 and all the award winners and scholarship recipients! Performance Award - Connor Leicht, Robel Solomon ’13 Scholarship ($1,000) – awarded to the graduating student who is in good standing within all aspects of the St. Michael’s Community. Luca Bernardini, Markus Geiger, Noah Rondinone, Miklos Bukta, Vincent Marraffino, Selby Warren, Bobby Fobih, Joshua McBain, Jason Xu, Cassius Francis, and William O’Brien, Leo McArthur ’55 Exit Scholarship ($600) – is awarded to a graduating student who will be studying Civil Engineering at a post-secondary institution. “There are very few moments in my life that I can remember with crystal clarity, and my graduation from St. Mike’s was one of them. Fr. In addition to recognizing the major award and scholarship winners, the virtual ceremony featured keynote speaker Dr. Jonathan Cardella ’93 who addressed the graduates from his home in Connecticut, as well as class valedictorian and former Student Government President, Edward Qu ’20. “We recognize you have persevered and demonstrated resilience in your pursuit of excellence,” says McKinnon. “In the words of Martin Luther King Jr., ‘The ultimate measure of a man is not where they stand in moments of comfort and convenience, but where they stand in times of challenge and controversy.’ You have demonstrated where you stand, and we are proud to call you graduates, last June, today, and tomorrow.”. Calculation is based on all Grade 11 and 12 courses as listed on the student’s official Transcript of Grades issued by the Ministry of Education. Here are the major award winners and scholarship recipients: St. Thomas More Legal Advocacy & Shaughnessy Family Award (Law & Advocacy) ($500) – established by the Honourable Mr. Justice Bryan Shaughnessy ’68, OSM and awarded annually to the graduating student who has shown an aptitude for the study of Law and the various forms of advocacy practised during the year.