The rib rack can be easily cleaned after delicious meal preparation for your friends & family. It has 304 stainless steel construction. With this rib rack, you can save space by grilling rib vertically. This rib rack is designed to hold about six rib slab and has two handles for easy gripping. Our focus is your convenience – order online from your laptop, desktop, or smartphone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Thanks! Luckily, Traeger accessories are created using top-ranking materials with durability for even wood-fired grilling. See More. Moreover, its non-stick surface makes it incredibly simple to use. Along with that, this unit is manufactured with dishwasher-safe plated steel. And to start with, it is characterized by versatile design and its contoured profile & rib partitions is ideal for supporting whole poultry & larger roasts. This form is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, Commercial Smokers, Indoor Smokehouses, and Pig Roasters, Alto-Shaam 1767-SK/III Full Height Cook and Hold Smoker Oven with Deluxe Controls - 208/240V, 7700/8700W, Alto-Shaam 1767-SK Full Height Cook and Hold Smoker Oven with Simple Controls - 208/240V, 6000/6400W, Alto-Shaam 767-SK/III Undercounter Cook and Hold Smoker Oven with Deluxe Controls - 208/240V, 3900/4400W, Alto-Shaam 1000-SK/III Half Height Cook and Hold Smoker Oven with Deluxe Controls - 208/240V, 3300/4400W. This Rib Rack accommodates multiple ribs, thus enhancing grilling capacity. Mobile Smokers. So in that case, the need for a commercial pellet smoker is essential. It constructed with commercial steel wire alongside a non-stick coating, thus making it easy to cleaning. The unit can even fit into the smoker and an oven. Your email address will not be published. Restaurant, menu and designs facilities development. Electric Smoker. Large capacity commercial cookers range from big boxes that sit in your restaurant's kitchen to mobile kitchens for vending to the pit shown below by Dave Klose. J-Line Design Rib Roasting Grilling Rack for Smoker, Top 10 Best Cast Iron Grills in 2020 Reviews, #7. How can we improve it? What’s more, it is engineered to separate and keep ribs upright. Furthermore, it is ideal for backyard barbecues, parties, family reunions, indoor ovens and camping trips. Kamado Joe Stainless Steel Grill Expander For Classic 18-Inch Grills - KJ-SCS. These racks are so popular for their durability and ease of cleaning. We offer two styles of cookers, including indoor smokehouses and smoker ovens, which can both be used inside your commercial kitchen to add smoky flavor to meats! Ultimately, it is ideal for grilling, slow smoking, barbecuing, and most tasty, spicy ribs in bulk. Finally, this unit is made of robust steel construction, thus makes this rib rack the superb for barbecuing, slow cooking, picnics, outdoor grilling, camping, and more other roasting activities! The listed options are good at holding the ribs upright, guaranteeing that you obtain the features you ever desired when the need for grilling, roasting, smoking or braising the meat. J-Line Design Rib Grilling Roasting Rack for BBQ and Smoker - Reversible Rib and Roast Holder -... Rib Rack Grill Racks Pork Rib Rack Non Stick Rib Rack BBQ for 2 Set Porcelain Coated Steel Roasting... Rib Rack, Stainless Steel Roasting Stand, Holds 4 Ribs for Grilling Barbecuing & Smoking - BBQ Rib... Broil King 62602 Rib Rack and Roast Support. It’s also suitable for all occasion with its standard-sized dimension of 13.2-inches by 8-inches by 3.5-inches. The rib rack is characterized by a steel structure alongside a porcelain coating. A commercial smoker enables you to impart to your foods a taste similar to that achieved in barbecue without the need for outdoor cooking or filling your restaurant with a choking haze. With this rib rack, you can easily be transferred from part to part of the grill. Our commercial smokers are ideal for your brick and mortar locations, food trucks, catering businesses and larger scale meat packing facilities. However, getting the right rib rack for perfect smoking is quite a daunting task. Order yours today & start enjoying the different. Are you in search of the professional way of improving your grilling capacity? In sum, the rib racks listed above are indeed great for your dream fulfillment while giving a perfect barbecue outlet or smoker party. This non-stick rack is engineered to accommodate four rib’s racks upright for cooking and grilling. What’s more, it can support five holders of ribs inside an ultra-sturdy premium-quality stainless steel wireframe. Top 10 Best Rib Racks for Smoker in 2020 Reviews, List of 10 Best Rib Racks for Smoker in 2020, #10. Southern Pride offers three categories of equipment – Electric, Gas, and Mobile – with each providing a range of options to fit your individual needs.