Quixotic is a bit of a gamble as it increases the hit rate of both his attacks and his enemy's in battle, but if he is the only one with an attacking skill, he will benefit the most from it. Takumi is one of two final bosses in the series to not have their own unique class, the other being. He states that he had been dead for a long time, and that something was controlling him, fueled by his resentment at Corrin for siding with Nohr, and begs them to end his suffering. Corrin is thereafter branded a traitor and forced to flee. Lancefaire should be ignored unless the player wishes to keep him as a Kinshi Knight, since it is the only class where he can use both Bows and Lances. When Corrin and Azura go to the spot where he fell, they are unable to find him, much to their distress. Given that he is a Grand Hero Battle unit, he is accessible either through his map when it is available or through Grails, thus can be built/merged on a budget and has decent skills at his disposal. Ich wusste, dass das geschehen würde. Ryoma immediately launches into a heated exchange of hostilities with Xander, and later attempt to engage in a duel, only to be stopped by Izana, the duke of Izumo. Takumi Vowing to make Corrin pay for their betrayal, Takumi leads a sizable army to lay siege on the port of Dia. Flora, one of Corrin's former maids who happened to be stationed in the palace under official orders, then guides Sakura to the apothecary and the medicine that Takumi requires. It was among the first skills to have a refine, which replaced the Pass effect with new mobility options. An idea was formed where they would ambush Garon and force him to surrender and end the war. While tending to the Fujin Yumi, Takumi learns from Mikoto that Corrin had left with Ryoma to exterminate a group of monsters threatening Hinoka and Sakura, making him feel jealous and resentful that Ryoma brought Corrin over him. Takumi - Wild Card (神弓の使い手 Shinkyū no Tsukaite lit. Takumi: Empty Vessel. Infested Takumi's portrait uses his 3D model from the cutscene prior to fighting him, as opposed to using an altered version of his regular, 2D portrait. Still suspicious of Corrin, he refuses to join them. It's a pleasure doing business with you! Am Ende von Kapitel 6 wird Takumis geschichtliches Handeln von der Entscheidung des Avatars stark beeinflusst. While his love for his homeland remains, he was forced to become a servant of one of the First Dragons. Gender In Birthright, he expresses open suspicion of anyone from Nohr. Appears in Fire Emblem … Roger Rose (Fates) Michael Sinternklaas (Heroes, Warriors) Takumi, suspicious of Leo's intentions, responds with skepticism, but eventually chooses to place his faith in Corrin's judgment. Hinata: Sortez de votre cachette, Messire Takumi! In addition, he is the stepson of Mikoto, the stepbrother of Corrin, and the adoptive brother of Azura. Takumi was the 3rd most popular male character in the official character popularity poll held on the game's official site. Azura then attempts to sing a song to break Iago's control, only to be stopped by Iago himself, who is very well aware of her power. This is shown through his support conversations with Leo; he initially treats him with cold arrogance only to warm up to him upon learning about their similar interests and aspirations. Draw Back keeps an ally between him and the enemy while keeping him out of range and Reposition is generally accepted as the superior and versatile ally positioning skill. Threaten Speed reduces the Spd of enemies within two spaces of him by 5, debuffing some enemies down enough so he can double attack them. Upon finding Mikoto in her room, Takumi offers to "return" the Fujin Yumi to Corrin, as he feels that it was always meant for Hoshido's "true" second prince. Takumi (タクミ) is one of the royal siblings of the Hoshidan family and a fierce Hoshidan patriot.. Wie konnte... dies geschehen? Are you prepared to pay for it? Takumi finally declares that he will never forgive him if he uses Mikoto or Ryoma in any way before leaving. Takumi is also known to be very cautious. Takumi is then commanded to take Azura hostage while Iago forces the Hoshidan siblings to either kill Takumi or watch Azura die. Fallen Takumi is a retrain of his original counterpart, nearly matching stat for stat aside from usually a one point difference except for now an even defense. He lost this distinction once Skill Inheritance was released, allowing other ranged units to inherit his then exclusive skill and is no longer as problematic as he once was.