At the same time, these smart guitars would be appropriate for a gigging or recording player on a tight budget. The 10e and the 12e are great-playing right out of the box, and their fine sounds should make it inspiring to learn any style on the instruments. The basic materials, features, and costs are the same though; Sitka spruce top, layered sapele sides and back, ebony fingerboards with a 24.87” scale and Taylor’s EB-Pickup and tuner electronics package. But instead of offering high-end guitars for us to dream about, Taylor did the opposite, unveiling genuine Taylors at prices most will be able to afford. We received the Academy 10e and 12e models, with the 10e following the shape of a traditional Dreadnought, and the 12e a Grand Concert. FEATURES The Taylor Academy Series currently consists of three models—the steel-string 10e (dreadnought) and 12e (grand concert) flattops and the nylon-string 12e-N. For this review we looked at the steel-string models. The Taylor Academy 12e is just one guitar from the series and it especially stands out. It has a high-quality sound to it with a lot of modern additions that make it rise above the rest. The Taylor Academy Series 10E is not a “dumbed down” inexpensive version of the more expensive models of the brand. Taylor Academy 10e and Academy 12e Electro-Acoustic Guitar We'd heard rumours that Taylor was about to unveil something very special at NAMM and the US company didn't let us down. In addition, they are designed brilliantly for maximum playing comfort with knowledge that first-time players […] Instead, it is a totally new design developed to produce the full potential for an acoustic guitar at this cost. For those who are starting out and are looking for a solid foundation before trekking into the music world, this guitar is an obvious first step.