But they will resist your playing and expression more. Ultimate Guide to Worship Guitar Tone: Part 1, Ultimate Guide to Worship Guitar Tone: Part 2, Ultimate Guide to Worship Guitar Tone: Part 3, Ultimate Guide to Worship Guitar Tone: Part 4, Ultimate Guide to Worship Guitar Tone: Part 5, The Definitive Guide To Reading Guitar Chord Charts, 2. Black (13) Brass (2) Chrome (15) Gold (15) Nickel (16) Unplated (2) Orientation. 5 Cool Fender Telecaster Upgrades: DIY Guitar Mods, Best Praise & Worship Guitars Under $1000 (2020), Best Praise & Worship Guitars Under $500 (2020), Best Multi FX Pedals Modelers for Praise and Worship Guitar ( 2020 ), Review of G&L Tribute ASAT Classic Bluesboy Electric Guitar, DiMarzio Tone Zone T Review: Telecaster Sized Humbucker, 11 Best Guitars for Metal & Best Metal Brands! If you want to get really crazy the multi string bender is the way to go. Gotoh/Grover (13/32" 11/32") Planet Waves (13/32") Schaller (25/64") Sperzel (25/64") Vintage Style (11/32") What is a b bender? The package shows graphs comparing the frequency response of steel, nickel, and cobalt strings. Some diy b benders work via the strap button, and you pull down on the guitar to actuate the device. What are the standard guitar string post hole sizes? If you are trying different strin… Notably, cobalt strings have a huge boost in the mids and upper mids. $10.99 Spend over $50, Get $20 2-Day Shipping! What are the standard guitar string post hole sizes? Bends are harder, fretwork is harder. String Post Hole Sizes by Brand: Fender Vintage: 11/32″ (8.7mm) Fender Die Cast: 13/32″ (10mm) Squire Vintage: 11/32″ (8.7mm) Squire Die Caster: 13/32″ (10mm) G&L Tribute Series Legacy: 13/32″ (10mm) G&L Tribute Series ASAT: 13/32″ (10mm) As a result, D’Addario claim they are some of the strongest strings for their relative gauges, and provide a slightly warmer tone. (This kind can also work via a strap connected to your belt loop via a caribeaner. The diy b bender is one of the more extreme telecaster upgrades on this list. Availability: In Stock. Pure nickel strings are the vintage choice, and have been experiencing a renaissance. Lighter strings (common size .009-.042) are far more flexible. That being said, it’s absolutely the coolest telecaster upgrade you can do. Especailly if you don’t like the new tuners you installed. You drill the 5/16 hole then move the body to the next hole and repeat. What’s more, the NYXL strings feature a plain 3rd string- that is to say, the G string is unwound. The template is machined from half-inch thick 6018 Aluminum, the string holes are 0.125 inches in diameter and deeply countersunk. Some b benders work via the strap button, and you pull down on the guitar to actuate the "bender" device. Your Home for Audio Engineering Information and Services. Some new guitars use a single pin that makes the tuner stay straight. DR are a smaller, but highly respected string outfit. You then turn the body upside down putting one of the string through holes over the dowel. If you like to use lots of bends, play high, or play fast, then lights may be the way to go. It’s not great for very high-gain genres, such as hardcore punk and metal, without customization. If you are into non-fender telecasters you should read my article on Best Fender Telecaster Alternatives 2020. The following setup procedures and specifications are for your Telecaster as equipped with the strings that come on the instrument as standard equipment from the factory. Here are the measurements most guitars fall into. So keep that in mind. They are available in a huge range of gauge combinations. For the same price as one pack, you can score three packs of D’Addario’s classic EXL110 line. Pretty much any style of custom telecaster pickguards are available. The Stratocaster, of course, is practically visually synonymous with the electric guitar. Don’t believe me? Model #: 0994918000. Players who employ a lot of bending, country or otherwise, appreciate the plain 3rd string. Excellent question. The last thing you’ll want to do is drill into your headstock because the holes were to small for the telecaster locking tuners you ordered. Obviously you aren’t the first person to feel that the telecaster single coil needs upgrading. A less dramatic version of the diy b bender is the one made by hipshot, It allows you to activate the bender via your right hand, like you would with a floating tremolo. For example, the popular medium-gauge string combination ranges from .010 to .046 in gauge, so this set is referred to as “.010s”. You’ll need a 1/8" bit for … The Telecaster has found its niche in country music first and foremost. On the other hand, lighter strings are less durable- they are more liable to break. Most of them don’t cost you much time or money. #Repost @guitar_share Caption this . You drill a 1/8 in. String gauges refers to the thickness of the strings. Get Exclusive Discounts & Early Access to Brand New Products! With their fabulous googie curves and space-age portmanteau names, it’s little wonder that the Telecaster and Stratocaster have maintained central positions in American music for decades. Finding Telecaster upgrades can be tricky, but totally worth it if it’s important enough to you. That’s not very fun. They also require less endurance- light strings require a lighter touch. They are nickel-wound steel strings with a plain 3rd string. The Telecaster is known to be more typecast and specialized than its star-studded cousin. You need that metal to be high quality and thick. Option one is the easier option, and best if you are upgrading your telecaster. Wilkinson Fixed Guitar Bridge with Brass 3-Saddles - WTBS Short Bridges Set Compensated, Telecaster Chrome Bridge w/Compensated Brass Saddles & Cut-Down Sides. Run through a classic tube amp such as a Fender Twin or ‘59 Bassman, the Telecaster achieves an iconic “American” sound. Country players like lighter strings for a more flamboyant, bendy playing style, or heavier strings for a thicker tone.