Time Under Tension, Muscular Activation, and Blood Lactate Responses to Perform 8, 10, and 12RM in the Bench Press Exercise. Essentially, it refers to how long a muscle is under strain during a set. Despite having an almost five-fold greater time under tension for the slow group, ... 55% 1RM), activation of the chest was reduced by up to 36% during the bench press when compared to lifting with a faster tempo and heavier weight (subjects instructed to lift as fast as possible with 85% 1RM). The second objective was to determine the effects of CAF supplementation on power (P) and movement velocity (V) during the bench press movement. “Lower the weight fully down to your chest. Study aim: To determine and compare the time under tension (TUT) required to perform 8, 10 and 12 repetition maximum (RM) loads in the bench press exercise. The Time Under Tension for power training would be 5-10 seconds. Time under tension (or TUT for short) is commonly used in strength and conditioning and bodybuilding. Increasing the total number of sets is one way to do this, but greater TUT can also be achieved by performing isometric contractions on every set of bench presses and cable flyes. Strength training also demands high levels of energy output. Use the time under tension technique (TUT) so you can get more out of your reps and grow your muscles by slowing down your reps to maximize the time your muscles spend under stress. Material and methods: Twenty men (24.17 ± 4.69 years) were selected intentionally and properly. This means increasing their time under tension (TUT)—the duration your muscles are contracting during a given set or workout. Bench Press: Tempo 2:0:X = 3 seconds per rep x 3 reps = 9 seconds Time Under Tension (X = explosive) Strength. JEPonline 2017;20(6):41-54. Lagree didn’t hesitate to call the bench press the ideal exercise to start experimenting with time under tension. The main goal of this study was to assess the effects of caffeine supplementation on time under tension (TUT) and the number of performed repetitions (REP).