You will kill everything before they can swing their weapon. That is a combined damage modifier 242%, for a final ballistic damage count on every bullet fired of 1383!!! While they can all be molded to fill a ranged role, and the Champion with properly specced skills and armor can be a force of death with his pistols, nobody can come close to the Commando with ballistic weapons, period. When capped, it increases the duration of the cry and damage by 70%. Cut to the Bone. I went down the left side of both skill trees, so I have great melee speed and can use guns well, if not effectively. This is a very straightforward build. That is your choice. Angara Insurgent & Human Commando. So if you are equipped with a high damage slug weapon, this skill can help you out tremendously. Narida, Kalence. It is very easy to make your Commando into an absolute powerhouse, as you can spend all of your armor slots maxing out nothing but every ballistic skill you use, and you will still have plenty left over. (I dont like to assume gender). This can be used as a last line of defense if your health is low and the enemies are descending on you. save hide report. © 2020 TrueGaming Network Ltd, All Rights Reserved. When capped, it has a radius increase of 70%! As the Commando becomes more powerful, this skill will become less necessary, but certainly during the beginning of your campaign, this skill can help keep you alive. Just hold the right trigger and sweep back and forth. lets talk strats and builds. And the respec is awesome (however I've never used it.) We figured out a surefire method to getting them knocked out, in fact neither of us died even once when it was our turn. When you first find Rifles with decent stats grenades are your best friend. A friend and I did the Unstoppable achievements about a month ago. Each with its strengths, weaknesses, and special skills. Believe me, that is a long time to have a deployable anti-missile defense system. ... Keep the build … This is the reason so many people in co-op “kick” you from the game when you are a Commando. It is a deployable mine that explodes and also hits the enemy with the fire status effect. As I always say, I like to use each character's unique skills as that make the game more interesting to me. In my opinion, some may do more damage, but they are all impressive and functional in their own way, and you can’t really go wrong with any path. It only takes 6 points to move down this tree, so you can easily max out Rain of Iron from the middle path, drop six points here, and then move down to take advantage of the rest of the non-ammunition specific skills. This battle cry is the first of two skills that make the right path Commando so destructive. My wit is steeled my blade is wet so sound. @radiant - any particular character you found it easier to use for it? Runes can further increase the duration by 70%. Hi all, I am working through all the Gold X characters I have and can only find old / Vanquisher builds for the Insurgent and none for the Commando. You have also inserted red runes in your armor for rifle damage (30%), and slug damage (30%). Liberal use of grenades early on in fights (especially when enemies are clumped together) makes everything much easier. This guide focuses strictly on PvE! When activated, every enemy you strike will be knocked back, preventing them from reaching you. The spider for this path is Tree of Shrieking Flame. 2.4.1 Apex … If you haven't done Jack of All Trades, I'd start going for that then you can get a good feel for each class on the first level. The Spider in this tree is Cluster Munitions. The last skill on this tree and the second part of the reason many Commando’s chose right path, is Gift of Gungnir. All of these archetypes play and handle differently. When activated, EVERY SINGLE SHOT fired by the Commando or his co-op partner does an additional 140% damage when capped. The all too upsetting failure of the 2018 release of Fallout 76, Bethesda’s attempt at a new direction in the 23-year-old franchise, totally missed the mark in meeting its fans deep need and love for human NPC’s and meaningful lore. There are a total of five different archetypes to play as in "Too Human". For example, say your bullets do 500 damage a shot, and you can fire 100 rounds a minute for 50,000 damage points every sixty seconds. While perhaps not as damaging as the other paths, it is the most visually appealing, and still very effective. I got the Unstoppable: Ice Forest achievement on a new character while going for the Jack of All Trades achievement. But yeah, I know what you mean about the bosses. The battle cry for this tree is called Smoothbore. I have Commandos for both alignments and one is slug and the other plasma. I would recommend using either a Bio-Engineer or a Defender as they are both good for retaining health. It grants a 14% increase to all ranged weapons, allowing you to hit the enemy from further away. This is the sniper portion of the skill sets. While there are ways to kill the enemy faster, this battle cry turns your shots into slightly delayed explosives, doing more damage than a standard shot. You will see this proc quite a bit. Instead of increasing the damage of slug based weapons, it increases their rate of fire by up to 42%. Think about that. Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement. This certainly is one. Just “rinse and repeat” and you can walk through anywhere with ease. As a side benefit, many enemies will get knocked in the sky, resulting in combo building air kills for the Commando. Complete Combat Medic 6.0 SWTOR Commando Healing Guide, suitable for fresh level 75 beginners as well as more advanced players who seek to improve their performance! Able to support his allies through long-range harrying tactics, the Commando is truly a force to be reckoned with. The first tier skill for the Commando is Wrecker of Mead Halls. All Commandos should max this skill out. CONTENTS. The terminus of this path is Ballistic Telemetry Feedback. His rifle should do all of the talking. While difficult to play at first, he becomes an overpowered “God of Guns” by the time you reach level 50. You’ll often see them as single characters preceded by a hyphen (as in this case), or as longer words preceded by two hyphens. The right path may do more damage, but I have used this combination to kill my combo meter to a level 4, unleashed a ruiner, and built it back up to level 4 in seconds. If you are surrounded, don’t aim. Wth this skill capped, you could fire 142 rounds a minute, for 71,000 points of damage. Perhaps more than any other character, the alignment you choose can benefit your chosen path greatly by either augmenting your existing skills, or providing you with ones you don’t have. At 140%, even a Berserker or a Bio Engineer can become an effective marksman. I'm going to give you the easy mode way to win the Unstoppables, ...but veangeance is a brutal beast not held by any cell Say you have a slug rifle like the Shrikes Last Word that does 313 points of damage. This adds a 35% damage modifier to all secondary fire from rifles and cannons. 2.1 Stat Distribution; 2.2 Relics; 2.3 Stims; 2.4 Set Bonuses. I believe I used a Commando, since they're great at long range. [Last Maxed Reatil Game] CoD MW2 [Last Maxed Arcade Game] DR2: Case Zero. Was wondering if anyone could spare a moment to provide their preferred builds? Your options in this case are then limited to a damaging spider, a Ruiner, or a Fierce ranged attack. An increase of 21,000 points! Talk. If you don’t care about effects or visuals and just want to slay your enemy as fast as humanly (or cybernetically) possible, then choose this path. If you are a fan of standoff combat, effects, and explosions, or you just want to take a break from the sword wielding savagery of your Berserker and try something different, then the Commando is what you are looking for.