It is also held in commemoration of when MS Don Juan crashed with a tanker, a national tragedy wherein 700 people lost their lives. Individually, the islands each offer something unique, whether you are looking for the best place to dive and snorkel or prefer to take in the historical sights in cities like Manila or Vigan, which have deep colonial roots. Taking a river tour of the Underground River in Puerto Princesa is one of the most awe-inspiring things to do in the Philippines. The Philippines is a remarkable country made up of more than 7,000 islands. Due to the logistics involved in visiting Taal Volcano, you might want to consider an organized day-tour. Hanging Coffins, Sagada | Photo Copyright: Anietra Hamper. Cebu City is the oldest city in the Philippines, the second largest after Manila, and the capital of Cebu province. There are so many shipwrecks to explore that you may want to consider staying for several days. Both locals and tourists participate in various activities including dancing and body painting. Explore Cebu City. Collectively, its landscapes feature an array of natural wonders, from volcanoes and rice terraces to underwater rivers and limestone caves, along with beautiful beaches. The wrecks are at varied depths that are suitable for both deep water scuba divers and shallow water snorkeling. You can take a tour of the former Subic Bay Naval Base and tour the converted complex, which has a number of activities on-site. Plan your travels with our list of the top tourist attractions and things to do in the Philippines. Be sure to observe the many delicate flowers along the walkway that are unique to this area. If you are unsure where to snorkel to see some of the best coral, taking an organized trip to the Coral Garden is an easy introduction to the sport. Below we explore some of the best places to visit in the Philippines. This trail has quite a few shade trees. This is evident from the thousands of local and foreign tourists who flock to the beach. Accommodation: Where to Stay near White Beach. The boat tours take you to experience the majestic five-mile river that runs below ground. You can see the famous San Agustin Church and monuments at Rizal Park and Fort Santiago, each bearing a significant influence on Manila that is best shared by a guide. The almost symmetrical and same-sized formations range from 98 to 164 feet (30 to 50 meters) high and are covered in green grass. Some of these terraces are more than 2,000 years old and represent a common form of farming in the country. It is now known as the surfing capital of the Philippines and some even regard it as the surfing mecca of Asia. The destination has two UNESCO World Heritage Sites: the Tubbataha Atoll Reef and the Palawan’s Subterranean River. Not to worry though, it still creeks and swings and gives you butterflies in your stomach as you look down at the rushing river below you. The city of Talisay, where you will catch a boat to get to the crater, is less than an hour's drive from Manila. Siargao’s inclusion to the top tourist spots in the Philippines is nothing short of … On the island of Bohol, a bridge made entirely of bamboo swings almost 40 meters in the air over the Loboc River. Tourists at the White Beach get to engage in sports activities such as beach football and volleyball, riding jet skis and banana boats. Nino, a Catholic Church that was built by the Spanish in the 16th century. This UNESCO World Heritage site is a protected area that features more than 1,200 small mountains that emerged above the ground over several centuries. The hanging coffins, some centuries old, are suspended from the cliffs of the Echo Valley. These ceremonial burials were reserved for the wealthy tribesmen. The area was once under the ocean, and these unique hills expand in every direction. Tourists who visit get to experience natural wonders and great food. The island of Bohol in the Philippines' central Visayas region runs at a slower pace, and it's a … Manila is an exciting and vibrant city that is a thriving metropolis … The white beaches provide exotic scenery. Things to Do in Cordillera Region, Luzon: See Tripadvisor's 14,644 reviews & photos of 203 Cordillera Region attractions. The shipwrecks, many from WWII, have become habitats for diverse fish species. If you are new to the island, you may want to consider booking a dive or snorkel trip that can get you to the best spots. You can take an organized trip from Manila to get here. The ideal time to visit is March through May, outside of the rainy season. Once a sleepy island in Surigao del Norte, it has become one of the most favorite destinations and playgrounds for travelers, and it is primarily because of one activity: surfing. Bamboo hanging bridge over the Loboc River on Bohol Island. Among the 32 beaches of Puerto Galera, the White Beach is perhaps the most famous. Fantastic accommodation is provided by resorts such as the White Beach Resort and the Jewel Beach Resort. The Tabon Caves is considered to be the Cradle of Philippine Civilization because of the archaeological discoveries made on the site. Considered one of the top 10 tourist attractions in the Philippines, Mayon Volcano is famed for its near-perfect cone shape; it’s no wonder that it appeals so much to photographers and travelers alike. Some destinations, like the Chocolate Hills in Bohol or the Hanging Coffins in Sagada, are remote, but getting there is well worth the effort. The island played a significant role in World War II and was the location of several battles. This requires a full day to visit, but it is well worth the time if you have an interest in WWII history. Snorkeling and diving tours to the Coral Garden often encompass stops to nearby shipwrecks. Tagaytay Resort Town in the island of Luzon offers tourists an out of town experience. One theory holds that the Chocolate Hills are th… Discover destinations, find outdoor adventures, follow the journeys of our travel writers around the world, and be inspired. Snorkeling is a popular activity at White Beach, but if you do not want to put in so much work, take a banana boat ride or book a trip on a glass-bottom boat.