Whenever you're desperately in need of information, it's almost impossible to find. ", The second coniferous family of redwood trees is the Family Pinaceae. If you liked this article, please share. The Giant Redwood (Sequoiadendron giganteum). Next is the Coast Redwood, or Sequoia sempervirens. Although it is not a member of the cedar family, the Sugi is sometimes called "Japanese Cedar." Written and researched by: Andy Brown. I have planted hundreds of redwood trees and have started my own "forest", mostly starting from suckers I have cut from other redwoods. But this article was really very helpful, and gave us a good overview of the whole redwood tree species in general, not just the redwood trees in CA, which is what all the other sites tend to do. You can connect with me on Google plus, and on Facebook.Find more of my Tree Photos on Flickr. Facts about Redwood Treesof the SequoiaGenus Genus Latin Scientific Name =Sequoia. As you can probably guess by the names, redwood trees are found in many places around the globe. What is the Difference Between a Softwood and a Hardwood. This family only includes one redwood tree, the Pinus sylvestris. All three species belong to monolithic genus's (Sequoia, Sequoiadendron, and Metasequoia), as the other species of each genus are extinct. Site owned and operated by Sheridan Lawn and Landscaping, LLC. Sequoiaare closely related to two other types of trees known as Redwood; the Giant Redwood, Giant Sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum)and the Dawn Redwood (Metasequoia glyptostroboides). I wonder, do the redwood trees in Europe get as large as the really big redwood trees in the American West, or are they different? I had thought for some reason that redwood trees only grew in the American west, because you always see pictures of the Yosemite redwood trees and the redwood tree parks in CA. The … Two I have purchased and they are the common Aptos Blue and Santa Cruz variety. I have no idea. In the timber business, this tree is simply referred to as "redwood.". The Giant Redwood (Sequoiadendron giganteum). It is known also as the "Sierra Redwood" because it primarily grows in the western Sierra Nevada mountain range within the state of California. The Scots Pine can be found in many places around the globe including Ireland, Great Britain, Siberia, and Portugal. It can grow the tallest of all the Redwood trees, and also the tallest tree on Earth is a Coast Redwood. They can be valuable because of their awesome beauty when they are well taken care of, and useful as screening plants for privacy and windbreaks. The fourth tree is the Sequoiadendron giganteum, which goes by two different names. Giant Redwood. from Brooklyn College. However, I can tell you based on looking at it,I have collected at least seven different species of coast redwoods. Diane has a B.A. One of the most memorable experiences of my childhood was going to see the Yosemite redwood trees -- those things are incredible! There are actually three types of tree that can be known by the term Redwood. For one, redwood trees cast some fairly dense shade. I will definitely be referring to this site for future projects. Copyright © 2019-2020, Sheridan Lawn and Landscaping, LLC. The Sequoia sempervirens, also known as the "Coast Redwood;" the Metasequoia glyptostroboides or the "Dawn Redwood;" and the Cryptomeria japonica, which is more commonly called the "Sugi" are all redwood trees in the coniferous Family Cupressaceae. The Sugi tree, however, is native to Japan. She has also edited several Seriously, incongruity anyone? Its the shortest of the Redwood trees, however it grows to at least 200ft (61m) tall. The Pinus sylvestris is called the "Scots Pine." The Family Sterculiaceae, like the coniferous Family Pinaceae, only includes one redwood. Black Lawrence Press, an independent publishing company based in upstate New York. Thanks! an M.A. The first family of redwood trees that we will cover is the largest family, the Family Cupressaceae. It really does make you feel kind of small, no matter what size you are, when you're put up against something that big. Although several species are commonly ascribed the name redwood, it really only belongs to one: the coast redwood (Sequoia sempervirens). The Brazilwood tree, for example, is native to Brazil. Now we come to the two broadleaf family of redwood trees, neither of which are as large as the Family Cupressaceae. When people are talking about Redwood trees, this is the species they are most likely thinking about. Its true scientific name is Sequoiadendron giganteum. The rest? The Family Cupressaceae is populated by conifers and is made up of four distinct trees. In addition to her work as a freelance writer for wiseGEEK, Diane is the executive editor of There is a fourth tree in this family. It is called both "Giant Sequoia" and "Sierra Redwood. I would love to know the names of each of them. Thanks for providing a new and interesting take on the subject -- it really helped us out. The second broadlead family of trees, the Family Sterculiaceae, includes the Trochetiopsis erythroxylon, which is more commonly known as the St. Helen Redwood. The Giant Redwood trees have the widest trunks of all the Redwood trees, and of all the Gymnosperm plants on Earth. Wikibuy Review: A Free Tool That Saves You Time and Money, 15 Creative Ways to Save Money That Actually Work. The Family Fabaceae includes only two redwoods. Thanks for sparking my interest -- this really was a very interesting article! Ordering Trees of Britain and Ireland In The UK or Europe, The largest tree in the world, by trunk wood volume, is a. It was really such a fascinating experience, and I was shocked to think of how long those redwood trees had been growing. All three genus's are the only members of the botanical taxonomic Subfamily Sequoioideae, commonly known as "The Redwoods". I would really like to know where I can find info on every different species that live on the CA coast. More books about trees at the Trees Bookstore. Even though I was young at the time, I still remember how enormously large those things were -- the thing that really made it stick out in my mind was seeing how small my dad looked next to them, since you know how it is when you're young, you think your dad is the biggest thing in the world. Thanks so much for this article -- my daughter remembered at the last minute that she had a project due tomorrow on redwood tree facts, and you know how that goes. I'll have to look it up. Because the tree is considered to be endangered, it has been cultivated in Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The Sequoiadendron giganteum, aka giant sequoia, sierra redwood, or California big tree, can be a valuable and useful addition to the landscape garden. Also commonly known as the Giant Sequoia, Sierra Redwood, Sierran Redwood, Wellingtonia.