Travel outside your country needs a visa and passport, it is International tourism. India’s rich culture and heritage which make India unique. Kenya – The main attraction- The dance of the Maasai tribe. Spectating attractions examples: Football World Cup, Wimbledon Championships, Six Nations Rugby, Olympics. In this category, a tourist spends their leisure time in rural areas or villages. If you purchase an item that I link to then I may make a small commission, at no extra cost to you. Some are regulated more than others and you may find counterfeit or copied products here. Famous Destinations: London, France, Beijing, Mexico, India, Italy, etc. It gives an economic boost to the destination. Many of the large theme parks are renowned for being busy and having long queues for rides. They will always prefer a hotel with a conference room. Services are designed for the visitor to fulfill their needs. Some waterfalls are big and others are small. People may choose to visit cliffs to enjoy the scenery. Hills are popular areas for tourists to visit, and hills can make great types of tourist attractions. Wellness tourism is a significant part of tourism from ancient times. for sale. These are attractions such as canals, places of worship, Historic properties and visitor heritage Centres. Mountains are natural attractions that must be looked after. This was an excellent example of sustainable practice and was one of the reasons that the London Olympic bid was successful! Vietnam – The main attraction- Sapa Market. Markets are commonly associated with the concept of bargaining or haggling. ⠀ The Loire valley, the third t… Bali is the most populated tourist island in Indonesia. Share SlideShare. Wellness tourism will help you to get rid of mental and health stress. Suppose Rahul and Sheela are travelling to Kashmir. Some tourists want a museum, someone wishes to visit old architectural monuments, buildings, palaces etc. Cirque Du Soleil is an inc credible acrobatics show that traditionally travels around the world using temporary entertainment venues. One of the most popular types of tourist attractions are sport events. Pack your bag, take the camera and start your journey towards Goa. 5) Community Welfare: Maintain and boost the local community’s lifestyle. Festivals and parades are important components of tourism. Museums and art galleries vary considerably in size. Beach examples: Brighton Beach (Brighton, UK), Copacabana Beach (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), Bondi Beach (Sydney, Australia), Santa Monica Beach (California, USA). 9) Tourism is a significant part of national integration. Travel With – The Holiday Story © 2020. The sun was shinning too. Niche Tourism is one of the fastest-growing sectors. Sometimes, people stay out of their typical environment for more than a year for business purposes and spend their vacations there. The last of the types of tourist attractions that I will discuss in this article is entertainment venues. Unique built attraction examples: The Grand Canyon glass bridge (USA), Nevis Bungy Jump (New Zealand), F1 car driving, Abu Dhabi race track (UAE). A traveller needs some transportation to reach his destination. So today it is a significant part of tourism in India. There are a wide range of buildings, areas and places that have historical or culturally significance. Located in ‘South Korea’s Hawaii’- Jeju island, this is a remarkable natural attraction to visit. The different types of tourist attractions make up an integral part of the structure of the tourism industry. 2. Products and services are directed towards what the types of customer that is expected to visit will like. Because of the presence of an exotic species of wildlife, India became famous for this tourism. Animal tourism is a controversial issue and is one that is frequently debated. The major attraction is the traditional architecture, art form, and the rituals performed. General activities related to business tourism include attending meetings, officially getting together, conferences, seminars, visiting exhibitions and trade fairs, etc. Tourist attractions are an important part of the tourism industry. Malaysia also treated over 100,00 tourists in 2005. The Millennium Dome was an exhibition centre, housing artefacts to celebrate the turn of the new millennium. 5 years go today. The aim of each traveller is different. Some caves are small and other caves are large. A natural tourist attraction is one that is naturally occurring. In every country wildlife tourism is famous. Sociology of the mass media - Marxi... by brunogiegerich 20180 views. Culinary or food tourism involves tasting and experiencing local and traditional food in a specific country, region, or city/town/village. Here food is one of the prime components. Groups of islands are called an archipelago. Cave examples: Blue Grotto (Italy), Waitomo Glowworm caves (New Zealand), Reed Flute Cave (China), Cave of the Crystals (Mexico). The most common thought is, pack the rucksack and travel away from the day to day life. All these come under this category. 45% of foreign tourist come to Chennai for medical treatment. From a traveller point of view, knowing another state/country people’s taste culture is an extraordinary filling. They taste the recreational activities in the rural environment. There are three main types of sport-based attractions: spectating, participating and stadium tours. For example, The O2 Stadium, which now holds concerts and other entertainment events, was originally built as the Millennium Dome. Traditional Tourist Destination are like: (1) Beaches. Whilst these attractions can be very profitable and have positive economic outcomes, they can, if not managed sustainably, have negative impacts on the animals. Caves are natural voids in the ground. And thousands of people from abroad join this festival to enjoy India’s traditional food. It is important, however, that tourist attractions are well-managed. Many people will travel from around the world to either spectate or take part in such events. The social richness of any country draws visitors from every corner of the world to witness sheer celebrations. In some areas there are indoor markets and in some places they are outdoors. Macro-niche tourism can be explained as a niche that has broad customer interest categories such as rural tourism, Business tourism, sports tourism, medical tourism, environmental travel, etc. Some example are The Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester, Smithills Hall and The East Lancashire Railway. It is maintained by humans to attract tourists. You may travel for recreation, but he may go for business purposes. It makes the destination more interesting and marketable. Many people have to travel for treatment. Beaches are one of the most popular types of tourist attractions around the world. It may contain one or more tourist attractions and possibly some "tourist traps". There are many different types of tourist attractions that are found around the world. This tourism defines a tourist travelling for a holiday to a different country. Photography and travelling is my passion from my childhood. Some play parks may have water areas, others are completely dry. The above components are provided by one company or any group of companies. Exhibitions usually take place in museums or large buildings. Tours in disused stadiums tend to run more frequently and these stadiums are often transformed into museums, which exhibitions and information displays. It depend on your preference like where you want to go, what activities you like, you want to go with friends or family. Some attractions offer information services, such as guidebooks, information boards, guided tours, interpretation and translation services and educational talks. This tourism level up the purchasing power. This package is exclusively for wildlife lovers and who love taking their snaps. Attractions: It is one of the main elements. Some of these are natural areas, such as grazing lands when you go on a safari. Hospitality: is a major factor for a tourist destination’s which will develop in the future. A tourist attraction, often also referred to as a visitor attraction, is a place of interest that is commonly visited by tourists. Zoos are a popular type of wildlife attractions. Every year, India organizes food festivals at different times in different states. The last example of sports attractions is stadium tours. Morocco – The main attraction- Olive festival, Honey festival. Mountains usually come in ranges (multiple mountains), but sometimes are lonesome.