Being electronic, there are a lot of different features that can be potentially packed in. You can also blend voices together. Full size pianos are certainly a thing of real beauty, and are one of the most distinctive and charismatic instruments. Yamaha releases next level digital workstation in the PSR-SX700 and SX900, Yamaha introduces the STAGEPAS 1K portable PA system. You can try the Alesis Recital 88key beginner digital piano as an alternative. This is a question that gets asked quite a lot, especially when space is a real constraining factor. The whole unit feels well screwed together. They aim to replicate the weight on each key as the hammer would move on a real piano, and change as you move from lower to higher notes. Enter the size digital 88 key keyboard - a full sized electronic option that is designed to replicate the sounds of a piano as well as possible, while giving you a variety of digital benefits, plus of course a dramatically smaller form factor. You can try the Yamaha YPG235 as an alternative. You can always pair it with apps and higher quality speakers at a later date. It all feels very robust indeed, although the weight may well be a downside for some buyers. There are ten voices to choose from, including samples straight from Yamaha’s most prestigious grand pianos. Budget options are naturally attractive, but that doesn’t always mean they’re a great value. Now let’s take a look at 10 of the top 88 key keyboards on the market, all available for you to buy today. Yamaha Pianos Craftsmanship and innovation in perfect harmony. Again, this all helps it to look like a premium product. What’s more is that you can buy it in the usual black, or a pale gold. The one we’ve chosen is the ES110, which is a more affordable and portable grand Kawai model - it’s a modest looking thing without screens or banks of switches, but it’s a very good intermediate option. Highlights are in red. The highlight is, of course, the sweeping speaker vent that runs the entire length of the instrument. We’ve briefly mentioned this in each and every one of our reviews to help you decide if you’re spending your money well. Having a smaller piano can be better for people with smaller hands, as this study suggests. It has a USB port, as it is a USB MIDI. Best Yamaha Keyboards (2020): Prices, Reviews & Best Models (from Beginner to Expert) Please click image for more info. It’s not the most attractive digital keyboard on this list, but it’s not bad to look at either. The Gearnews Holiday Raffle, Week 2: Win a Novation AFX Station worth €430. It uses genuine grand piano sampling, and you can even set up different voices combined with room type. The one we’ve got here is the Casio Privia PX160, which is one of the full-size options in the Casio range, which is designed to offer a decent mix of value and features in what is a mid-range 88keyed digital piano. Some older pianos did have fewer keys, and some synthesizers can have as few as 25. Ideal if the keyboard will be travelling. That said, it’s still a full size 88key weighted digital keyboard that offers much of what most players will need. Sure, it doesn’t have lots of built in features, but it’s very good at emulating a piano, both in feel and sound - so if that’s what you are looking for, then the price will be very attractive indeed. As previously mentioned, the slim design makes for a nice alternative to the thicker, feature-heavy variants. Design won’t be important to everyone, but given that instruments can be works of art in their own right, it’s always worth thinking about. The buttons are fairly small, as are the speakers. Quality isn’t bad at all despite the low price. You might wish to output the audio from the keyboard into your headphones with a headphone jack, a PA or even your computer.