Bacon; Yes, this is literally all you need for this recipe! Read more: 23 items to buy at Sam's Club, and 16 more you should skip every time. We’re putting it all (well, the most popular) online for your convenience to consult as needed in a user-friendly, printable PDF format.Not all items are available in all stores. That being said, there are some organic items that can be found elsewhere for the same price. A unfilled rating star. In addition to the build-your-own sandwich option, the grocery store offers a fairly extensive menu of pre-made choices. Landsel labeled the free membership card as something "you cannot walk into Wegmans without.". According to the store's website, three of its cheeses took home awards from this year's American Cheese Society Conference. While this Wegmans fruit is still affordable at $0.59 per pound, nothing beats Trader Joe's famous organic bunches — priced at an unbeatable $0.19. While it's OK to grab something small — like a $0.99 toothbrush — when you're in a pinch, it's never a good idea to shop for toiletries at a grocery store. The biggest stories in fast food, shopping, and more. See 251 photos and 46 tips from 2909 visitors to Wegmans. Account active They are several dollars more than the original version, but both Real Simple and Refinery29 wrote that they are worth the price. A leading-edge research firm focused on digital transformation. You can request special selections at the bar, where fresh sushi is made daily. While name brands may be overpriced at the chain, Wegmans-brand toilet paper is affordable. Beyond Meat's Beyond Burger patties are a popular substitute for traditional beef patties and are among the growing trend of plant-based vegan options that still look, taste, and even bleed like real meat. Also, let's just be honest with each other: bacon is glorious, fortifying and delicious, but one thing bacon is not -- healthy. According to the post, a can of tomato sauce cost just $0.79, nearly a dollar less than a $1.69 name brand. At $5.49, the patties are reasonably priced, and herbivore shoppers won't have to make a special trip to another store just for their favorite. A filled rating star. Subscriber "In 2014, the grocery chain built their own cheese cave near Rochester, New York (where they originated)," Redbook writer Jessica Booth wrote. Read more: A long-awaited Wegmans store in Brooklyn probably won't open for another 2 years. Additionally, Wegmans offers a variety of flavors — plain, lemon pepper, and BBQ. Wegmans' blackberry balsamic vinegar is another smash hit in its specialty oil and vinegar selection. Cook 5 min, until crispy. However, with a Shoppers Club card, the price drops to $2.99, making them a steal. While Wegmans is a top-notch grocery store, it's not on the same level as Costco for wholesale items — and it doesn't try to be. It's important to note that Wegmans prepared food isn't necessarily more expensive than competitors — but it also isn't noticeably cheaper. Buzzfeed and Refinery29 also called attention to the store-brand steal, noting the black cherry vanilla and blackberry tangerine flavors which come in both cans and bottles. The Wegmans experience focuses on being a great grocery store, so it's best to limit your big buys to wholesale retailers. Landsel reported the large size is big enough to feed two to four people. When a Business Insider reporter did a grocery store price comparison this year between Wegmans, Whole Foods, and ShopRite, she found Wegmans offered avocados for $1.49 each — the same price as Whole Foods, and over a dollar cheaper than at ShopRite. Keep reading for a look at things to buy — and things to skip — the next time you visit your local Wegmans. HEB Black Pepper Dry Cured Center Cut Bacon, Nature's Rancher Steakhouse Smoked Uncured Bacon, Signature Select Thick Cut Hickory Smoked Bacon, Simply Balanced Uncured Applewood Smoked Turkey Bacon. Roses are listed on the store's website for $12, and a previous press release advertises the Valentine's Day fan favorite for $20.