immunization. when? by: ana khouri. introduction. WELL-BABY CLINICS. this baby was named x so, Weight Management Clinic - . • It is a function of the MCH centers ( in PHCC, and in some hospitals) • It is done through the “well baby clinics” = the clinics that are concerned with health care for all children under the age of 5 y. everyday by the thermometer • The optimum temp is 0ºC - 8ºC • No vaccines in freezer or in the door • No food or drink put in the refrigerator • N.B. by lois gould 1972. once upon a time, a baby named x was born. For each p.r.n visit • Every infant has a health card kept in the PHCC containing the following information : • Name of parents • Date of birth DR/KHALID ALHARBY, Cont… 3) Place of delivery • Attendance at labor • Type of delivery (NSVD, forceps, C.S,…) • Health condition at birth (weight, length, and any congenital anomalies) • Social data of the family • PMH, PSH • Immunizations • Measurements of wt., length, ? 8- Define types of immunization. WELL BABY CLINICS AND IMMUNIZATION Dr\ LotfyFahmyIssa, Intended learning outcomes • By the end of this lecture you should be able to: 1- Define well baby and well baby clinics. Immunization in the Time of H1N1 - Immunization program managers meeting atlanta, ga—january 20, 2010. anne schuchat. During Your Visit • An insulated pot & ice box used to keep the vaccine & diluents cold • Sit in a cool place away from the sun • BCG & measles vaccine are damaged by sunlight (Usually put in colored vials (brown)), How to identify failure of the vaccines • Expiry date • Colour change for polio vaccine • Shaking test: DPT vaccine spoiled by freezing → on shaking→ turbidity→ if left for 30 min a sediment is formed in the bottom of the bottle. 2- Measures HC in children up to 24 months of age 3- Measures the blood pressure in children 3 years and older 4- Plot measurement on growth chart to demonstrate normal growth 5- Investigate significant deviation if child growth crosses multiple percentile line on growth chart. • They provide safety low cost health care. immunization is the a process where by a person is made, Adult Immunization Update - . moh area :……………………………. The Prenatal and Well-Baby Clinic has MOVED to 370 Bayview Drive! • It divided into : • 1- Infancy (up to one year). Under- five clinic • Under five clinic is a centre, where preventive, promotive, curative, referral and educational services are provided in a package manner to under five children under one roof Goal • To overall goal of under-five clinic is to provide comprehensive health care to young children in a specialized facility. • 6- Needs special care for early detection and management of any preventable and treatable diseases. history of shaken baby syndrome. immunization, IMMUNIZATION (1) - . procedure and example modified by k. snyder. 4.2.4 Provide opportunistic education and health promotion regarding healthy eating practices and recommended dietary guidelines [3] at each well child health check. Slideshow 2160475 by varden • 5- Difficult accessibility. 1945-battered babies-dr. Micron Engineering Clinic - Welcome to micron engineering clinic analysis and optimization of multi gb/s chip-to-chip, The Electronic Medical Record at Carilion Clinic - . Well-child visits are a time when parents can check up on their child’s health and make sure they’re growing and developing normally. Get powerful tools for managing your contents. content. 3. Create stunning presentation online in just 3 steps. program orientation. Cycle of vaccine transfer: • Manufacturer → Airport→ central vaccine store→ regional vaccine store → district store → health center → consumer, Components of the cold chain 1- Refrigerator 2- Cold Box 3- Vaccine carriers 5- Ice packs, Arrangement of vaccines in the refrigerator, Arrangement of vaccines in the refrigerator • Freezer → Ice packs and ice cups • Top shelf → oral polio + measles • Middle shelf →BCG + DPT+ TT+ Hepatitis B+ thermometer • Bottom shelf → colored water bottle for keeping temperature in electric power failure, Rules for keeping vaccines in the refrigerator • Arrange vaccines with air spaces in between • Check the temp. Types of Vaccines 3 types of microbiological preparations are used for generation of protective immune Response: • Inactivated Vaccines • Live, Attenuated Vaccines • Toxoids. Respiratory Distress Syndrome - The single most important cause of mortality and morbidity in preterm infants. allegheny, Immunization - . Prenatal and Well Baby Clinic. Well Child Visits in 3rd – 6th years of life • Separate payment to rendering provider for successfully completing each of the annual well child visits at age 3, 4, 5, and 6 • Payment for the first well child visit in each year age group (3, 4, 5, or 6 year olds) original by dr. ari robicsek updated by t.cook 21 mar 2003. objectives. care in illness. kelly f. mcdonald, mph, Immunization Update - . Immunization Registries - Configuring rpms-ehr for meaningful use r esource p atient m anagement s ystem. The clinic is visited by pediatricians like Dr.Dilip Kumar. • Children outside the averages are reexamined, investigated, and treated or referred • Developmental milestones are checked • Detection and treatment of malnourished • Health education to the mothers • For ill children : vital signs, preparation and teaching of ORS, nurse-doctor referral, and giving injections when needed DR/KHALID ALHARBY, اتق شر كل من اقترب من الارض DR/KHALID ALHARBY, Growth indices - weight • At birth: 3-3.5 kg • 1st 4 months: 3\4 kg per month • 2nd 4 months :1\2 kg per month • 3rd 4 months: 1\4 kg per month • At the end of 4th month: 6 kg • At the end of 1st year: 9 kg • After 1st year: 2 kg per year DR/KHALID ALHARBY, Abnormal weight • Above 90th percentile • Below 5th percentile • No increase over 3 subsequent months • Curve down in 2 subsequent visits DR/KHALID ALHARBY, Growth indices - HC • Between 97th and 3rd percentile • At birth: 35 cm • At 6 months: 43.8 cm • At 1 year: 46.8 cm • At 2 year: 49.1 year • At 3 years: 50.2 cm • At 4 years: 50.8 cm • At 5 years: 51.3 cm DR/KHALID ALHARBY, Growth indices- height • At birth: 50 cm • At the end of 1st year: 75 cm • Thereafter: 5 cm per year • Between 90th and 5th percentile DR/KHALID ALHARBY, Home visits • Should be done by the nurse of the WBC for the following children: • Delayed mile stones or delayed growth • Diarrhea : chronic OR recurrent acute • Social or psychiatric problems • Defaulters DR/KHALID ALHARBY, At risk children • Group A : • Babies of working mothers • Babies of poor family (low income) • Loss of a parents, or divorce • History of mental or psychiatric disturbance of a parent • More than 7 children in the family DR/KHALID ALHARBY, Cont… • Non – breast feeders • Early weaning • Twins DR/KHALID ALHARBY, Management • Registration in risk records • Regular follow up • Call for defaulters • Comprehensive health education • Take out of registry if no problems by 6 months of follow-up DR/KHALID ALHARBY, Cont. SAMPLE ELEMENT BABY BOOK - . 7- Nutritional problems. 3. 3- Demonstrate child feeding ( methods and timing). RPMS Immunization Training - . 1- Measures the weight and height at all visits. Well baby clinic. – may start from 9 years; generally 11-12, OBLIGATORY HEALTH EDUCATION IN RELATION TO WBC, One of the important services offered by well-baby clinics, Rules for keeping vaccines in the refrigerator. Vaccines are microbial agents or antigen products that stimulate the immune response. 7- Define immunization. : Communiqué - News about current tests, method changes and interpretive data from Kopila Medical Laboratories. bromine. Get powerful tools for managing your contents. family planning. • 4- More vulnerable and needs proper monitoring of growth and development. State of the Clinic - . Sleep Like A Baby? ClinicNET Affiliated Clinics… - Enhancing the capacity of community-funded safety net clinics (csncs) and rural health.