Food: Woodpeckers have a varied diet and will eat insects, nuts, berries, sap, and other natural foods.They will also enjoy suet, peanuts, black oil sunflower seeds, peanut butter, and mealworms offered in supplemental feeders. If woodpeckers didn't have predators we'd be overwhelmed by the things. It has been known to eat a variety of fruits, especially off of cacti. They have adapted to human populations by learning to hang onto backyard hummingbird feeders and … Gila woodpeckers forage primarily on the trunk and inner branches of trees, probing for insects. Gila Woodpecker – The Gila Woodpecker, like the Gila monster, lives in the deserts of the southwest United States and Mexico. This species is unique because it utilizes large cactus instead of trees. Common and conspicuous in stands of saguaro, or giant cactus, it also lives in the trees along desert rivers, and is quick to move into towns and suburbs. They are at risk from the very beginning. Food – Woodpeckers eat a variety of bugs or insects like termites and ants. Gila woodpeckers will drink water from a container and sugar water from hummingbird feeders. Black woodpecker Weight is 300 – 400 g (10.6 – 14.2 oz). They even hollow out cactus to create nesting cavities. In cottonwood trees, Gila woodpeckers eat galls (egg sacs) from aphids laid on the petioles of the leaves. Choose upright feeders that will support these birds’ most comfortable feeding postures, and position feeders near mature trees where they will naturally forage. A brash, noisy woodpecker of desert regions. Woodpeckers eat bugs and grubs and worms and stuff, and other stuff eats woodpeckers. Mistletoe berries are also another one of the Gila Woodpecker’s favorites. As against the Gila woodpecker, black woodpeckers are large sized birds and belong to the family of Dryocopus martius. The Gila Woodpecker will eat whatever bug it can find. Gila Woodpeckers eat mainly insects, but they will also eat cactus fruits, mistletoe berries and other seasonal fruits. These birds are 45 – 50 cm (18 – 20 in) long. It is not just limited to only eating bugs though.