They are easy to press and release one-handed, they can hold a relatively large amount of hair per clip and they don’t tend to leave a kink in your hair like other types of hair clip might. Bleach, chemical treatments, and heat styling can all damage your hair and leave it looking sad, dry, and blah. It gets you used to holding it and won’t burn if you accidentally touch your ears! Learn more. If your hair starts to sizzle at any point, STOP! Then apply conditioner from the middle to tips and remove with cold water. Kristin Cavallari Just Played FMK With Her Exes, Shop Lululemon’s Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals, Miley's New Song Might Be About Kaitlynn Carter, 25 Best Winter Songs to Listen To When It's Cold, Best Hair Straightening Cream with Keratin, Best Hair-straightening Cream for Frizz/Flyaways, Best Hair-Straightening Product with Heat Protection, Best Hair-Straightening Product for Curly Hair, Best Lightweight Hair Straightening Cream, Best Hair-Straightening Product for Wavy Hair, Best Hair-Straightening Product for Dry Hair, Best Drugstore Hair-Straightening Product, Best Hair-Straightening Product for Thick Hair, Best Cruelty-Free Hair-Straightening Product, Best Strengthening Hair-Straightening Cream, Best Hair-Straightening Product for Shine, Best Hair-Straightening Product for Color-Treated Hair, Best Hair-Straightening Cream for Dry, Damaged Hair, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. There’s a lot of things to know before you straighten your hair if you want healthy hair!Straightening your hair is already a science as it is, when you try to avoid crimps from the iron, straightening your hair too flat and taking away the volume, and getting your hair … According to several celebrated hair experts, Argan oil is the best option to put on your hair right before the hair straightening session. You can extend the time in between washes by using dry shampoo instead, which can help you to control any oil and greasiness. You may need to touch it up every now and again if you want it to last longer. You can use it before straightening your hair with a blow dryer or a flat iron. Once your hair is dry, set up your straightening brush and switch it on. We love how straightening brushes allow you to multitask, so you don’t feel like you need more hands to manage! This step is a lot easier if you have already combed through it while you were washing and conditioning your hair! Ceramides and keratin smooth the hair, making straightening thick, long hair a breeze. It seals the hair cuticles (aka no frizz or flyaways), smoothes the hair, and hydrates it without weighing it down. This at-home hair straightening cream with keratin works just as well as the ones in the salon. That means that there is something for everyone, and while you may not like using a flat iron, you may love using hair straightening brushes. Our favorite types of hair clip are duck-billed and crocodile hair clips. Then, straighten your hair as normal! Straightening brushes are a great option to have at your fingertips because they multitask! You can get heat protectant for hair is many different forms – mousse, oil, serum and spray – so it’s really up to you to find which you prefer, and which suits your hair best. It is always worth using the lowest setting you can. Promise. We love this nourishing extra strong hold spray from Osensia: If you want to cut costs down, look for a heat protectant that doubles up as hairspray to get the best of both worlds. But if you are not getting the effect you are looking for, here are a few ideas as to where you are going wrong and how to correct them: Understandably, if you are heat treating your hair regularly, you need to give it a little extra TLC to keep it strong and healthy.