C) Which should I start in a Poultry farm? The shocking salary and allowances Joshua Oigara earns as KCB CEO. Broilers or Broiler chickens are birds that are reared solely for the purpose of meat production. Maybe they’re not. Given that feeds account for over 70 per cent of rearing costs, many farmers attempt shortcuts. It means you can rear many sets of broiler chickens in one year. Exposure to short photoperiod hours of light. 250,000 per month from my milk farm, How chicken farm makes Sh. Mortality at lay should not be more than 8 per cent. They have genes that make them lay eggs often (I said often and not daily as some people may make you think as if every chicken must lay egg every day. This means that if you do not get people to buy the chickens even after they reach the market weight for selling them, it means you will continue to feed them pending when you get someone to buy the chickens. Nevertheless, broilers and layers farming business are both profitable and choosing any of the two depends greatly on those factors vividly explained above. From the findings, large scale broiler farmers spent almost half what the medium scale ones spent on flock health. That‘s why a cheap and equally good option is great news. So you think your chicken aren’t laying well? which one is more profitable layer or broiler poultry farming LAYERS They are birds that basically focus on the production of eggs, so if you're going into Layers production in poultry farming just know you are going be focusing more on egg production. Incubator vs HEN – Which is Best for Hatching Chicks? 9. Consequently, a majority of farmers are ultra-small scale producers. Prudence Technology Pvt. Pullets stimulated to lay before week 17 or 18 may never achieve their lifetime productivity potential. However, they both deal with life so a single mistake is enough to wipe your entire flock. This informs the cardinal rule of building a chicken house in an east-west orientation. Again unknown to many, this ‘adulteration’ serves to distort the formulation and eventually, the performance of birds. The good news is that a farmer can do something to address most of the causes of reduced laying. Mortality at rearing should not exceed 5 per cent. A) What are Broilers and Layers Chickens? The legal and suspicious ways Moi family’s multi-billion empire was built. Crooked KRA employees taking home Sh. It can either be fertilized eggs or non-fertilize eggs. 2bn loss in six months, David Ndolo: I built apartment that has remained empty for four years now, How Kenyatta, Ndegwa families divided NCBA ownership, Revealed: SportPesa made Sh. Their genes make them grow faster than native chickens and layers. De-beaking should be done by qualified personnel. A farmer should ensure he produces the birds at least four times a year. We have compiled a list of calculations highlighting the profit margins of the two. These tend to be smaller, have bright red combs/wattle; additionally, three middle fingers fit between the pubic bones in a laying bird. 7. When other predators are eating eggs e.g cats, rats, snakes. They also spent three times less in wood shaving and 112 times less in labour and transport. Breed The decision of what breed to rear is taken by the farmer and then the hatchery supplies chicks from birds bred for optimum egg production with known potentials. With broilers, you can easily start as a novice and become a professional after few sets of chickens. Broiler is short term business, you will get loss or profit within one month, but in case of layer it will take long time to give one egg. This selling out of old layers can be additional revenue added to the revenue generated from selling of the eggs they had been producing. The mortality cost on the farm was two times lower. Which is the best kind of poultry farming to do between layers and broilers? This may have resulted from inadequate care during rearing and transport due to large numbers. At no time should photoperiod be reduced during lay. When a farmer has less than 100, she still has to buy the pack, resulting in wastage. NB: Parts of this feature were first published in the Seeds of Gold agricultural journal that is published by the Nation Media Group. Light controls sexual maturity in birds. Broilers can only generate more revenue than layers when you already have a large market demand that you cannot even satisfy all the demand. Provide laying nests covered with black polythene; a nest measuring 1ft x 1ft is sufficient for five hens. Reasons why hens would stop or reduce laying include: 1. You can start earning within few weeks for broilers but you must wait for a minimum of about 5 months for layer chickens to start laying eggs, i.e. The lower beak should be longer to enable the hen ‘scoop’ feeds. Flock management determines when and if your hens reach their egg-laying potential. Birds that start laying before attaining the correct size may be prone to prolapses of the cloaca. At the moment I am considering starting a farm that has got both forms, but I was hoping to get some input on which to put more of my resources into. The more the amount of protein content in poultry feed, the costly the feed can get. 800,000 chicken farm after losing job at K24, This is how to get more eggs from chickens, Government rushes to kill use of solar energy by Kenyans, Kirubi’s Centum slips from Sh. Will you want to rear 100 layers in a year before you start on a large scale (how many will die and how many will be left)? The challenge in the business is the ability to maintain a disease free and consistently healthy flock throughout the laying period. The cost of rejection and downgrading of birds and carcasses was high for large scale farmers at Sh129,349 while there was none with small scale producers. However, the large number of birds in large scale production gives a good multiplier effect. For instance, most poultry vaccines and medicines are packed in bulk, usually for 100-500 birds. Cumulatively, each layer chick consumes about 2kg of chick and duck mash between day old to eight weeks. The more the amount of protein content in poultry feed, the costly the feed can get. A study that was carried out by four researchers from the University of Nairobi, Kenchic Ltd and the World Animal Protection worked with large farms comprising 22,595 broilers and medium ones with 1,654 broilers. Up to that you have to feed to all layers, and feed itself cost about 70% of total costing. In the chicken industry in Kenya, there are three main sectors: Layers, which are chickens bred and raised to produce eggs, or broilers, chickens raised and bred to be slaughtered meat and the indigenous breeds which we have covered in previous articles. In terms of disease outbreak, you will lose some chickens and within 3 months, you are back rearing another set of broiler chickens. Meat was finally supplied to consumers through retail outlets like shops, supermarkets and hotels. We have compiled a list of calculations highlighting the profit margins of the two. Broiler feeding is more costly than layers as more energy and protein is required for broilers to quickly gain weight than it is required by layers. At the point of lay, a pullet may weigh about 1.5kg. 7. And I do mean respectfully. BROILER 500 BIRDS. This is the only way to gain profits from broilers.