Which way to aim a trunk mounted woofer box in a car has been quite a topic of speculation for years. Save Share. Which way should I face my subs?? you face them the way they sound best to you,you paid for them,i know everyone faces them to the trunk lock but if you want more bass inside the interior of your ride i think facing them forward to the rear seat back, you would think you would get less rattles and more sound coming into your ride.not really sure i have a jeep cherokee sport and there is no trunk. For answers to other subwoofer questions, be sure to check out our Subwoofers FAQ. The sub box will be positioned right up against the rear seat. I have a 2014 Subaru WRX. I have a 2000 Chevy S10 extended cab and right now my single 12" is sitting right behind the passenger seat pointing straight forward into the back of the seat. Folks, through experimenting have found that oftentimes the woofer box sounds much better when aimed backwards, the explanations I hear for why this works are usually quite absurd. First of all, the trunk is out of the way. So if you think the bass sounds louder when the sub is facing one way rather than another, well, you're probably right. Best way to face 2 12s in trunk. I'm getting ready to start the sub box for the trunk and was wondering if it really makes a difference as to which way to face the drivers? Posted on 12/24/2019. How can i make my backseat less bass heavy from my subs in the trunk? Yourself and your passengers can’t see what’s in the trunk without actually going in there. So, placing your subwoofer in the trunk will give you and your passengers more space in the cab. What are the positives and negatives to … When i turn my amp bass up my subs make a knocking noise? I haven't seen much talk going on about which way to point/position subwoofers, and I always assumed it was kind of important. Car is a 09 Subaru Legacy, sealed box with 2 Ascendant Audio Arsenal 10's. How to makw inverted subs have deep bass? That’s pretty obvious. What is the difference between having your sub(s) facing towards or away from the rear seats in your trunk?? It’s hidden in the back. What makes more bass subs facing trunk or backseat? I'm wondering if it would be the loudest for me to face my subs forward behind my rear seats with them closed off from the rest of my trunk? Direction of subs in trunk. Will turning up the bass on subwoofer blow the subs? Reply. I get the most bass when I face my 12" subs in a … Reader comments (13 responses) Read comments Matthew Rotundo from Allentown. I found that having them farther back in the trunk when you face them back that their louder, but i've never faced them forward so i wanted to see what everyone else thought before i started my new build. Point them towards the rear (trunk opening), facing up or towards the rear seat.