Well, these events got canceled—the world has undergone massive changes in recent weeks—but today I will still gladly present the list that I was planning to play, along with my deck and sideboard guide. +2 Deputy of Detention, +2 Dismember, +2 Kambal I would not recommend playing it over Waterlogged Grove though. The stage is set for a new Modern format. 2 Kambal, Consul of Allocation 4 Thalia’s Lieutenant 3 Thalia, Guardian of Thraben Modern Horizons has given us some very powerful cards that have been dwarfed in the shadow of the free and sticky 8/8s. Wrap-Up I do appreciate you going on this slippery journey with me. I often appreciate Image because it lets us replicate abilities and when you respond to removal by Vial’ing it in, you are basically saving the creature. The Dismember, Deputy, and Engineer are totally stock at this point. I think anywhere from two to four copies could be correct. Now we must figure out if Humans still has a place it in. 4 Snow-Covered Island Second, they beat the Stoneforge decks so badly while also having some big guns against Urza. Sideboarding is an art, not a science. Tezzeret Aob (out of the side) Sai (out of the side) Urza Thopter foundry Mystic forge. The manabase is a little unusual compared to what I am used to but has worked very well. ( Log Out /  The Whirza sideboard guide. 4 Champion of the Parish To repeat myself from our Spoiler Review: “Would Modern Humans pay one more for Serum Visions if they could cast/Vial it and the drawn card was always a zero mana 2/2 human? 3 Assassin’s Trophy I’d urge you to join me in the campaign to continue playing [Card]Mox Opal[/Card] until you can’t. The sideboard is not particularly wild. You can bring your [Card]Rest in Peace[/Card]s, they will make a nice Trophy for us. We do need to pick up the slack against decks like UW though so Kambal pitches in; he is pretty amazing right now. 3 Phantasmal Image +2 Deputy of Detention, +2 Dismember, +2 Kambal, +2 Unsettled Mariner 1 Island 4 Kitesail Freebooter Many of the games come down to who can stick one and start spinning artifacts into card advantage so keep that in mind, you wanna max out on the answers. To my understanding assuming you have removal or sweepers somewhere. Creatures (37) -Thopter Foundry, -Sword of the Meek, -Nihil Spellbomb, – Pyrite Spellbomb, -2x Chromatic Star, -2x Galvanic Blast, -2x Mox Opal -Mishra’s Bauble, +Nature’s Claim, +2x Thoughtseize, +2x Trophy, + Tezzeret, + Abrupt Decay The full printer-friendly PDF is available for download here. Well they serve surprisingly similar functions when you look at the flicker ability. – Nihil Spellbomb, – Ensnaring Bridge, – Sword of the Meek, – Galvanic blast, +2x Battle at the Bridge, +2x Trophy, + Abrupt Decay So why did I trim Image for Prince? 1 Watery Grave However, he is better at saving creatures from removal because you end up with the original creature and a 2/2 in the end; not just a summoning sick copy of the original creature. Harlan and I have worked together a little on the deck and while the two of us agree on an overall strategy, my current list varies in a few ways. I do think I would also want to side the fourth Thalia and give up the third Collector Ouphe in such a build though; need to pick up the multi-spell hate slack from Sphere and Kambal’s exit. Lots of talk about how whirza is the up and coming T1 deck so let's talk about how to beat it. 4 Cavern of Souls Instead, Harlan Firer took our Lord High Artificer to the top and helped prove that the deck that I have been championing since [Card]Urza, Lord High Artificer[/Card] was printed is the new deck to beat in Modern. Maybe you don’t need that [Card]Torpor Orb[/Card] this week against a room full of [Card]Eidolon of the Great Revel[/Card] so swap it out for a [Card]Collective Brutality[/Card]. Change ), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), The full printer-friendly PDF is available for download here. 4 Thalia’s Lieutenant This doesn’t mean that I believe this deck is a flash in the pan or that its weaknesses are so vulnerable that we should be one step ahead of the competition. -2x Galvanic Blast, + Abrupt Decay, + Tezz, + 2x Trophy 2 Collector Ouphe Meddling Mage names: Fatal Push, Death’s Shadow, Jund 1 Dragon’s Claw – Nihil Spellbomb, – Bridge, -2x Goblin, +2x Thoughtseize, + Tezzeret, + Assassin’s Trophy [Lands] Auriok, on the other hand, just is not what it once was. Meddling Mage names: Oblivion Stone, Ugin the Spirit Dragon, UWx Control 1 Thalia, Guardian of Thraben We are able to put up a fight against that powerful planeswalker if we can land an Urza before their Karn, but that can be a precarious gameplan on the draw. Will is worse than Image at replicating abilities; not particularly exciting with Booter or Meddling and has to reset Lieutenant to reuse the ETB. When the king is dead, a new one conquers the throne. Or if you would like to take a swing at writing content for the site you can contact us directly here. Context matters in sideboarding advice. A Magic: The Gathering site focused on facts rather than fluff pieces. Probably the most noticeable choice is Unsettled Mariners with no Auriok Champions. The four best decks (Burn, UWx Control, Jund, and Whirza) hate to see him across the table. Dredge has Blast Zone. 3 Thalia, Guardian of Thraben Cheers. Sideboard: 1 Pithing Needle 2 Blood Moon 2 Disdainful Stroke 3 Galvanic Blast 2 Mystical Dispute 1 Weather the Storm 4 Oko, Thief of Crowns. It also slows pact into titan. We would not play him if this was all he could do though. 1 Damping Sphere It is much more important for your cantips to allow for more card selection now that games in the format are longer. I’m in the camp that Urza’s such a powerful deck that even when everyone has [Collector Ouphe[/Card]s and [Card]Stony Silence[/Card]s it’s still a strong choice. All eyes have been on [Card]Stoneforge Mystic[/Card] these past few weeks in order to see if the powerful two-drop could rise to the occasion and claim the empty seat left by Hogaak at the top. Decklist Meddling Mage names: Lightning Bolt, Wrenn and Six, Tron That is absurd flexibility and intense value potential. 4 Mox Opal It is more narrow and answerable than it used to be so I am dropping it. 1 Island to slow them down. I tried the deck in four Magic Online leagues several weeks ago, went 16-4, and locked it in for Grand Prix Sao Paulo and Grand Prix Turin. 3 Polluted Delta We’ve also seen even more of this trend since then with the Modern Challenge results. 2 Knight of Autumn Meddling Mage names: Searing Blaze, Lightning Bolt, Eldrazi Tron And at long last here you have it, a small sideboard guide: +2x Magus of the Moon, +2x Thoughtseize 2 Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas It is a human, it is a two drop, and it gets better with Aether Vial. This puts you at six lands that do not generate blue or red; meaning that if you draw more than one you will not be able to hardcast Mantis Rider (22.2% of the time). It’s actually the opposite. For Burn decks, you want to have access to the [Card]Nature’s Claim[/Card], [Card]Galvanic Blast[/Card], [Card]Dragon’s Claw[/Card] and both Tezzerets while the [Card]Nihil Spellbomb[/Card], [Card]Damping Sphere[/Card], [Card]Ensnaring Bridge[/Card], [Card]Ichor Wellspring[/Card] and [Card]Pithing Needle[/Card] take a breather. You can bring your Karns, Urza still makes a ginormous doofus and makes the mana from the artifacts himself for some reason. 1 Ichor Wellspring Hello! With all of this new information it’s now time to tune Urza for what is a completely different metagame. Wrap-Up -3 Charming Prince, -4 Reflector Mage, -2 Thalia’s Lieutenant +2 Deputy of Detention, +2 Dismember, +2 Plague Engineer