What does it truly mean for The Night King to have a dragon? No one wants to imagine this scenario, but we have to put in on the table as a possibility. After the Battle of Castle Black, was once a prisoner of the Night's Watch, now living freely. If the dragons can't stop him, who can? 2. The {Lord of Bones}, a wildling leader and a fearsome raider. Will he breathe ice or fire? If he can't kill a dragon, what will the rest of the show be about? This mission is insanely dangerous and it isn't likely that everyone in the group will make it back. Let’s break down what their losses will mean. In a behind-the-scenes interview, showrunner D.B. Now we know that Daenerys’ dragons aren’t completely invincible against The Night King. The episode also acquired a 4.7 rating in the 18–49 demographic, making it the highest rated show on cable television of the night. With Melisandre gone, he's the last remaining Red Priest in Westeros. {Mance Rayder}, the King-Beyond-the-Wall, leader of the Free Folk and feared opponent of the Night's Watch. Warning: This article contains spoilers for everything through Game of Thrones season 7, episode 6, “Beyond The Wall” and a little bit of speculation. Game Of Thrones season 7 episode 6: Beyond The Wall had a bulk of character deaths Adam Starkey Monday 21 Aug 2017 6:00 am Share this article via … Which brings us to our bonus death…. Martin likened Beric and Jon to the wights of the icy army, calling them wights resurrected by fire, soldiers of the Lord of Light. “Beyond The Wall,” as directed by Alan Taylor, was one of Game of Thrones‘ most massive battle episodes. His tolerance for alcohol must have been extraordinary, making it that much harder to numb the pain from the bear attack. It's almost a guarantee that someone will die this episode, and it's likely that there will be more casualties than that. This evens the odds considerably between Daenerys’ crew and the army of the dead. Before time itself, this person created the website you're currently reading. Jon and Beric have both returned from the dead so, going forward, the consequences for both of them seem a little smaller than they should be. Killing one of the dragons, likely Rhaegal or Viserion, would give more depth to the evil of the Night King and help keep the story going to the end of the series. We love the spectacle of it. Here are a few … If the only person that can bring them back is gone, everything gets more serious. Okay, let's start off by establishing the fact that literally any single one of these men could die while they're out on this expedition. For every glorious polygon “Beyond The Wall” gave us, it also took away two fairly major characters: Viserion the dragon and Thoros of Myr, the Red Priest. And even though it took a horrifying turn, it was well worth the wait. If the producers brought the character back just to please the fans then he won't last very long. We don’t know much about what Viserion will be like as an undead dragon. It’s hard to imagine that he won’t come into play. It’s not such a bad way to go, dying in your sleep. They could have at least given him a massive undead elk to ride. Luckily for Jon Snow, this episode once again proves that he’s still wearing significant plot armor. In the United Kingdom, the episode was viewed by 3.18 million viewers on Sky Atlantic, making it the highest-rated broadcast that week on its channel. It also gives The Night King a vessel upon which he can go over The Wall. Hopefully this isn't the case and Gendry has a big role in the rest of the series, but it was to be an option we're prepared for. Blue fire, perhaps? The finality of Benjen’s death in “Beyond the Wall” crosses off another name of someone who can explain Jon’s family history, not only to Jon but to others, as well. Which would be fine if he weren’t one of the most notorious lushes in Westeros. At least when you compare what the show did with the legend of Coldhands in the book. These aren’t hoods-up red shirts from Eastwatch. That said, he did get his moment to shine at the end of this episode, showing up just in time to say hello and goodbye to his nephew Jon. The question is: if there aren’t any priests or priestesses of R’Hllor around when they die, can the Lord of Light still bring them back? It also received 0.98 million timeshift viewers. Copyright 2020 PopCulture.com. All rights reserved. Sentenced to death by fire by Stannis Baratheon, but shot with an arrow as mercy by Jon Snow. In the end, none of these three characters were going to be Azor Ahai or be the lynchpin to defeating either Cersei or The Night King. However, if the Night King kills a dragon, he immediately becomes the most dangerous being in the world. After Gendry rowed off into the sea a few years ago, fans quickly started calling for him to return, or at least for some kind of update as to where he could be. The worst part about losing Thoros is what it means for both Beric Dondarrion and Jon Snow. Now The Night King has a dragon to ride that spits — fire, we assume. Tormund Giantsbane, Jorah Mormont, Beric Dondarrion, Thoros of Myr, The Hound, and Gendry have all joined Jon in his deadly quest. The way the show has used Benjen Stark, aka Coldhands, aka Uncle Benhands, has been disappointing. Plus, it sets up some very large stakes to come.