If the fat on your arms and back is particularly stubborn, there might be more to the story! Now your goal will be to either put muscle or fat on your arms. You sir are probably the one who is asking “why are my arms so skinny?” Well if you are skinny then you are naturally cursed with tiny arms. Best Upper Arm Fat Exercises. Many people who have excess fat in their upper arm … Based on your genetics, you may store more fat in your arms than other areas. This is because larger breasts tend to increase the fat around it. Fat under the triceps is a problem that mostly plagues women but also affects some men. There are Lymph Nodes all over your body. It's a situation that Dr. Brooke Kalanick, (co-author of my book Ultimate You) and several other medical … Excess fat can cause flabby arms at any age. Besides the other answer, SEE YOUR DR. Body Fat. If you say yes, then the fat content in your chest is already high, so you have the higher chances of developing armpit fat. ONE CONDITION… If you were to have Lymph Edema, that can cause the tissues in the arms to fill full of … This is because if you are skinny then adding fat … You can't spot train to shave fat directly from your arms, but if you're overweight you'll benefit by losing fat … When breasts tissue pushed fat around your armpit against your arms, your underarm might appear to be having a lot of fat. Some of the best exercises you can do to fight your arm flab are those that target your tricep.