Penalties imposed by the courts can act as a deterrent to the wider community in that the consequences of committing a criminal offence are widely known and people will refrain from committing offences in the future, resulting in the protection of society. While in its nascent stage law primarily protected tangibles such as life, limb, and property, the scope of laws has grown to encompass moral values as well. The main focus of the law is to protect the rights of individuals in society. The law protects society Laws are needed to protect society as a whole from the prospect of danger, harm and fear. However, when looking at the full scope of the functions of the criminal justice system, it further aims to prevent crime and promote personal and community safety (Pink, 2007). Although these norms are generally accepted by members of the society and are included in the legal order, social interaction will inevitably lead to disputes because of conflicting interests of individuals and groups. A society without laws would have no way to solve the social issues which arrive within their collective arrangement. aws are rules that bind all people living in a community. To most societies, an important value is the importance of human life; as a result any actions that harm of interfere with the … Another reason for technology integration... StudyMode - Premium and Free Essays, Term Papers & Book Notes, Eat Well, Feel Better. applied and developed these laws, the Australian parliaments have also added to them Need a gun control paper? NatureMapping brings real science to the classroom with hand-held data collection devices. The answer is simple – they are needed to impose regulation in the society and allows to avoid chaos in everything start from the minor thing and ending with the more global ones. The criminal justice system in Australia formed centuries ago, with new forms of Students are engaged in their learning using these powerful tools, and can become creators and critics instead of just consumers. LLC. Rape, murder and theft would become an everyday incident which means that children would grow up only knowing this and to them it would be deemed normal, which is can ruin people’s future. Fourth, the framework and the measures implied through the system, such as the crime prevention measures. can use them for free to gain inspiration and new creative ideas for their writing assignments. Lastly, briefly raise the pathological, biological and sociology factors associated with criminal behavior. Fifth, the pivotal role public confidence in the system plays on the success of system as a whole (briefly touch on policing and government expenditure and . It makes us look before we leap. Why we need Criminal Law. Crime has been around for hundreds of years in every country, during the times of ancient china, pre modern Europe, and colonial America. Retrieved December 14, 2011, from a series of organizations who is involved in apprehending, prosecuting, defending, sentencing, and jailing those involved in crimes - including law enforcement, attorneys, judges, courts of law, prisons. The Administrative Procedure Act is the governing law for federal administrative agencies.Most states also have their own governing law for their state administrative agencies.These laws allow for the creation of the rules and regulations,as well as the procedures necessary for those... ...Why do we (as a society) need a criminal justice system? Sometimes even the simplest thing, like disposing of waste could affect the entire world. al., 1993). Third, how the system implies social order and securing social control. In order to feel safe and secure whether at home or in wider community laws are … ...defines law as “a rule of conduct or procedure established by custom, agreement, or authority.” Since even the most primitive forms of life have been known to live by some “rule of conduct,” by definition, law has existed before the dawn of the human race. Are there computers and if so, how are they being used? Laws are needed to protect the values of the community and to reflect the society’s beliefs of what is acceptable and unacceptable. Social controls dictate what behaviours are acceptable in society, so as to ensure the best interests of society as a whole are maintained (Bryette, et. There are 3 main reasons we need laws and rules. As prices of technology drop computers and other digital devices may replace television as we know it. Technology, when integrated into the curriculum, revolutionizes the learning process. Therefore, modern law has taken a more passive role as a medium for holding people accountable for their... ...Why do we need a criminal justice system? Law plants an element of fear which may prevents in killing of fellow hum an beings. At the same time, the law changes respectively to social changes to meet needs of the society. As these societies grew in complexity, so did the need for laws. First, rules are important because they tend to protect the weaker class in the society as they might be disadvantaged if rules are broken. 3. Under civil law, if an individual’s rights have been infringed the courts may provide compensation to the individual for the damage they have suffered. ...I think that we should have laws because without laws there would be a lot of chaos going around and everything would go off hand. The law plays an important part as the tool of the social control because the violation of the law implies the punishment for offenders. The purpose of legislation is to either restrict or promote a set of habits within society. Let Professional Writer Help You, 6000 Fairview Road, SouthPark Towers, Suite 1200, Charlotte, NC 28210, USA. In summary, the basic function of the criminal justice system is social control (Bryett, Crasswell, Harrison, Arch, & Shaw, 1993). Traditionally, the common law system, as the name implies, was governed not by a code, but by court-made law that developed incrementally over time. However, these values often differed from society to society. If a crime is committed against a person, the police will investigate and the offender will be prosecuted through the courts and receive a punishment. Without laws, there would be no code of what is acceptable behavior, without laws, anarchy and chaos would occur society. Oxford University Press, Melbourne.) They move from a behavioral approach to a more constructivist approach. Contract law makes these agreements "enforceable", which usually means that it gives the party the power to compensate … The objective of any legal system will be providing answers to everyday problems that arise. The government criminalizes activities and behaviours... ...Why do we (as a society) need a criminal justice system? members and their property. PhDessay is an educational resource where over 1,000,000 free essays are collected. The law protects individuals and their rights The main focus of the law is to protect the rights of individuals in society. How to write an extended essay proposal essay creative thinking unc dissertation award. 1984 Criminal Justice in Australia, ...Title: Why do we need Administrative Law? Ielts essay on public transportation. When rules are used in the right way they provide a stable environment and human co-existent in a country, which leads to peace and development. We have laws to help provide for our general safety. The criminal justice system, is a system of laws and rulings which protect community In order to feel safe and secure whether at home or in wider community laws are needed to protect our rights. It is different from the civil-law system, which is introduced mostly in Europe and in areas colonized by France and Spain. the offender is punished. Laws are needed to protect the values of the community and to reflect the society’s beliefs of what is acceptable and unacceptable. Firstly, Police have the... ...Technology is a ubiquitous part of children's lives. benefit themselves. While the criminal justice system is not the only form of social control, it is perhaps the most obvious formal control. However, there are areas of the law where there are conflicting values within the community some examples include voluntary euthanasia, human cloning and same sex marriages. punishments added along the way. Scholars Ever since the dawn of mankind, we have lived in tribes and groups due to surivival necessities. This is just a sample. It is transparent. Law is there to protect property and law controls what we do, when we do it and how we do it. Dare essay … Six main arguments are raised, supporting the notion of the importance of a criminal justice system (hereafter referred to as ‘criminal justice system’ or ‘the system’) in Australian society today. Last essay of elia. 1. In effect, this ignorance of the law nullifies its effectiveness as a deterrent of crime.