They all call me a girl and I correct them but they dont believe me. Look on one of his reward shows when he was with Beyonce. I am already irritated at this! His name was Marshmello is he in awe of physical beauty? Sure, it would be an amazing late-career reinvention for him, but it's hard to imagine Tiësto working with anything like the video-game-nostalgia-mining tunes that Marshmello has perfected. or more indifferent? That’s the question Always asked a few years ago when taking a critical look at how girls were portrayed in emojis. A picture is worth a thousand words and Always wanted to empower girls to show that they can do anything. i posted a pic on here earlia and quite a few people were saying it looked like a boy or that i looked 'grim' cud u be more specific as what they meant - is it having a big jaw?bit of a reality check! Around two years ago a producer launched onto the scene gaining an incredible amount of publicity very quickly. I know he's a guy but when I first saw dbz I thought he was a girl because of his voice and also because he looks like one Why does this girl look like a boy? Well that may not be completely true, but honestly speaking, out of 10 girls walking on the street only the prettiest of them would grab attention from boys goofing around. It was in 2007 It's nothing wrong with being different! He did look and sound like a girl but I'm a girl and I sound like a man so yeah. who is Marshmello? I've heard that Michael really has a deep voice. Always wants to keep them playing #LikeAGirl and is inviting everybody to join in to rewrite the rules. Yet sports are exactly what help girls stay confident! if he sees physical beauty as important and is obsessed with it he's more superficial. They say that I look pretty but seriously, what is their definition of beauty? any advice on how to look more like a girl and be attractive? a few different factors are involved 1-how superficial he is.