Trees like, Bruce Pine, Jack Pine, Eastern Hemlock, Tsuga Heterophylla are a few famous ones. I have a huge pine tree right in front of my house and we love this tree! For the past few weeks it’s been dropping green pine cones and some of the pine cones have lost some if not all of their scales. 1 Response. I had two trees die from the top down at our beach home on a barrier island off of N J. I was sick over it because there are not many trees that grow on the island. Pine trees are hardy trees that live a long time and they are easy to recognize with their woody cones and needlelike leaves. I had a tree service do a deep organic fertilizer and the tree looked good this Spring. Thanks! Cedars are majestic, evergreen trees that include different genera and species. I'm sorry to hear about your evergreen's problems but it is hard for me to diagnose just what might be going on without some more information. Water stress in pines can cause needles to die. My evergreen (blue spruce i believe) is dying from the top down. I see no visible infestation. It will also help extend the life span of your favourite evergreen. Prevent dead needles on lower pine branches by preventing water stress. It’s also losing sap and most of the green pine cones have sap on them. Lawn & Garden; 7 Signs Your Tree is Dying—and How to Save It A sick tree may be saved, but a dead tree can pose a risk your home and family. When evergreen trees are stressed, they are not shy about showing symptoms. I have not changed watering habits or fertilizing in the last four years since I had an irrigation system installed, and had a company handle the lawn fertilizing. I’m worried! Water stress – A pine tree dying from bottom up might actually be a pine tree drying from bottom up. Washington County Minnesota. Any suggestions would help. Then in June the top died ,I had the same tree service come and remove all of the dead lead branches. There are some diseases that can even kill the tree. Pine trees can tolerate conditions that can be harsh and can resist pests and diseases very well unless they’re unhealthy. My local garden center says it's either too much water, or weed killer in the fertilizer. Give your pines a drink during especially dry periods. Untrained individuals have a hard time recognizing tree defects, until and unless the tree starts showing very noticeable and prominent differences. Some of them are dying from the top down. Pine trees can then become weak and will affect the way it looks. My house is 170 yrs old and the pine tree is not much younger. The most common sign that your evergreen tree is stressed and potentially dying is the browning of a section or the entirety of the tree. The Disease of a Cedar Tree Dying From the Top Down. In order to properly treat your tree, you must first identify what is stressing it. We live in Woodbury and have not seen any orher evergreens doing that. Identifying tree issues at an early stage can avoid alarming situations. Do you think it could be from the lack of water or a disease? Thank you. Lower branches may die from water stress in order to prolong the life of the rest of the tree.