This roadside hole in the wall is the perfect place to stock up on America’s favorite treat when going to or from Canada. Whatley grew up taste-testing pies her grandmother wanted to sell in downtown Birmingham. 6 guests She boils cider into a syrup for the filling, which is made with Pink Lady or Honeycrisp apples cooked in tangy cider vinegar. Brown Bag Apple Pie, Elegant Farmer, Wisconsin $29.99, shipping from $15.84 Krader: “It’s got a great rustic look, not just because it’s shipped in a faux torn brown paper bag. Spear’s Restaurant & Pie Shop, Wichita. When ordered to stay, it comes with a softball-size scoop of local Bluebird ice cream., F&W Best New Chef 2000 Andrew Carmellini leaves the pie at his eclectic American brasserie in the hands of talented pastry chef Kierin Baldwin. @modnomad/Instagram 1. ∙, Owner Adam Burckle has a legacy to protect: the hometown ice cream counter. Salted Caramel Apple Pie: Four and Twenty Blackbirds, Brooklyn, NY . For the pastry crust, the bakery uses unsalted butter and coconut oil—which they feel is healthier than shortening—making a rich pillow-like topping. Photo Courtesy of The Elegant Farmer, Credit: Owner Sunny Sherman’s grandmother came up with the restaurant name out of the blue. The apple pie is especially good when the fruit is in season, freshly trucked in from Eastern Washington where it grows in seemingly endless bushels!, Proprietor/philosopher Bud Royer took a failing chicken-fried steak hovel and transformed it into a funky café serving fresh seafood. Photo Courtesy of Whidbey Pies, Credit: Inspired, she developed her own gooey apple pie with the crunchy rhythm of a pecan filling and a dollop of juicy cranberry sauce, instantly evoking the holidays. They also leave the skin on the fruit so the filling takes on a beautiful rosy color., Residents of Vermont or Wisconsin would be more likely to slap some cheddar on a slice, but the bakers at this contemporary L.A. sandwich stop have put cheese into the actual crust. From totally traditional versions with flaky crusts and cinnamon-spiced apples to deep-fried variations and others made luxuriously rich with caramel, here are the country’s most delicious apple pies.—Tommy Werner, Credit: Photo © Colin Price, Credit: Best Pie to Try: Apple Mountain Berry. @modnomad/Instagram 1. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. While this may be but a humble truckstop, they serve the best pie in the Dakotas. ∙ Photo © Winnie Au, Credit: Photo © Abby Hocking, Credit: You take a bite of delicious apple pie and there it is, there is that moment of simple bliss you have been looking for. By using a delicate crumb top and firm apples, “You can taste the nuances of the fruit,” says Lawless. Address: 101 Maiden Lane, Tower City, ND 58071. Best friends and owners Anna Derivi-Castellanos and Lenore Estrada stick to all-butter for their delicious, well-browned crust. This isn’t a problem, however, because these pies are finger licking good! Proprietor Mary Ellen Diaz left the renowned Lettuce Entertain You group to start the program, which now serves thousands of meals each month and has expanded with new ventures, including StreetWise, a program to aid the homeless. This must be a smart choice, what with it being within walking distance of Harvard University. Cheers! The apple Whiffie, a riff on the Hostess pies Abbott ate as a kid, has a salty crust, a nice foil for the Granny Smith–and–brown sugar filling.