It starts as yellow patches on the low leaves and progresses to brown spots and curled, dead leaves. Switch between each crop I'd say. If you look further up this article you will see a picture which you can use to help identify the problem you are facing. Thanks again. Here is a proverb that applies to you. That's relieving. Epson salt, too much,killed most of the new tomato plants. Leaf curl that is caused by some external stress factors is more likely to be found in potted plants and plants in grow bags when compared to plants in a garden. A sample of a leaf affected by a deficit in Magnesium. Good luck. Why do the branches then look like pencils? You will not be able to spot the broad mites with your naked eye as they are really small at around 0.15 - 0.30 millimeters. But if you've encountered this problem, all hope is not lost, curling in most cases can be cured and the tomato plants could recover and bear fruit. Stephanie Das from Miami, US on October 31, 2011: Do you think that these tips apply to a lot of other plants, too? Brandon Lobo (author) on February 18, 2012: Thanks Madurai for adding this info to the hub. Looking for the perfect Summer party hors d'oeuvres? It is usually caused by irregular irrigation and bad pruning. You may notice some of the decayed sections of the root fall off. Do not let your plants leaves touch the ground, try stakes or cages. A more common occurrence is the Tobacco Mosaic Virus (TMV) which causes the leaves to be deformed with light and dark green mosaic patterns on the leaves with the leaves curling upwards if they curl. This plant was never as bright green, has no yellow leaves and is now starting to grow toms. He has always been passionate about tomatoes. The first leaves soon after an infection cup downward. I would also suggest that you chop off some leaves and branches to allow the plant to focus on growing roots rather than sending all the nutrients collected by the reduced root coverage up to the foliage. A few days ago we watered them with some epsom salt, but I don't think it helped. Notice how only the new leaves are attacked. It is also a possibility that your tomato plant just has yellow leaves and not a yellow leaf curl. In lower light conditions it is all the more important to leave the leaves on because the plant is going to need all the energy it can get for the development of fruit. Go get em' Tiger. Was doing fine but now the leaves are yellowing and dying from the bottom. Nothing really matches what I'm seeing on your page. If the leaves and diseased, it is better to remove them for two reasons, one the disease would spread and secondly the leaves will not be very productive and would just be leeching nutrients away from the rest of the plant. After prolonged periods, some leaves will begin to fall off. Question: The bottom leaves of my cherry tomato plant are turning yellow-brown as well as the small leaves at the very top of the plant where it's starting to fruit. Will the leaves grow back or is this plant a looser? Over the next few days there were several little mushrooms growing. Hi Gary, so you've cut off all the leaves? The most common type of caterpillar on tomato plants is the hardwood caterpillar. I'm just 18 and looking forward to writing lots and lots here on hub pages. Then yesterday, some of the lower leaves turned yellow, but the veins are still green. You are very professional in your presentation and practical application of opportunities. You do best by adding epson in watering . Should we cover them with a tarp or something? Yes, we transplanted some from a greenhouse. No dark center and the newer leaves seem fine. I'm feeding once a week and watching the suckers etc. Following the best practices when watering tomatoes helps prevent a lot of problems, you'd definitely want to take note. You'd just be putting all your time and effort into trying to revive it when in reality it won't really recover. You could check out the list of points already covered earlier. Everything clicked, that was definitely a thing in my garden and compact soil is not the best medium for root propagation thus limiting the amount of nutrients the plants could reach which resulted in the supply being less than the demand and hence the yellow leaves which were a sign of nutrient deficiency. But, if the new leaf fonds open up to be yellowish, it's most likely a nutrient deficiency. Entire plant. I've written articles about these steps too. If these are not conditions you could check off a list, the problem is something else entirely and it is very possible that I have not covered the issue, but it isn't root rot. If you've got a plant that has already been attacked by this fungus, it's a futile attempt trying to save it. A sign that it may be caused by herbicides is when the leaves curl downwards and pucker. Brandon Lobo (author) on August 02, 2020: It happens under stress, usually cold temperatures. The best thing to do is uproot the plant and burn it or dump it along with your waste, but not into a compost pit. Yellowing leaves on tomato plants could indicate something as simple as too much water or something serious, for instance, a pest attack which could turn ugly. All of these issues can easily be prevented if you amend the soil. Mildew everywhere, wilt and spotting throughout. It is a Brandywine that I started last fall (I was saving seeds and they germinated so I planted them) - and planted out in a container on my deck a few weeks ago. I have never seen anything like it. Question: I just planted my tomatoes a week ago, and I have a yellow leaf on the bottom of one plant. It's a common issue with tomatoes, especially in wet, humid areas. Thanks - Micki. The virus is spread by Whiteflies which feed on tomato plants. If you can move the plant to get more sun, then do; if most of the plant is unaffected, don't worry about it. There are plenty of reasons for this to happen and I have covered the major causes in my article on yellow tomato leaves. Do this carefully as you do not want to damage the plant (yet). Add 2-3 Tablespoons (T) organic tomato vegetable food, mix again and backfill. Hi my tomato plants in pots have leaves which are green but curling up and dry. If you want to know more about broad mites in general, check this out. About two months ago, I planted two Red Cherry Tomato plants in the ground and about three days ago, I noticed one of them has some branches that are wilting with curled leaves, but they aren't discolored. The plant usually recovers from this shock very quickly and you don't have to worry about it provided you begin watering deep and consistent and follow good pruning techniques. Are your plants receiving enough water? My problem is as I guessed. Broad mites are sensitive to light and are usually present on the underside of tomato leaves and flowers. It's a fungus that is not soil based. Some varieties of tomatoes always curl their lower leaves while new leaves are uncurled. applies to all plants. tall) that lately have startes to turn yellow. How are they yellowing, along the veins, the tips, the entire leaf? Maintain soil at a pH of around 6.5, this ideal pH for tomato plants helps limit the fungus from setting root and taking over. My tomatoe plant has some pale yellow leaves but also has some concerning spots of brown spots on the edges of some of the leaves when you touch them they crumble as if it's dry there are not black or white freckle spots just dry brown brittle spots.