In the past, foam mattresses have been too expensive for many consumers to afford. Side Sleepers: Of the four profiles for the Green Tea Mattress, the 12-inch model will be most comfortable for the majority of side sleepers weighing 230 pounds or less. Copyright © 2020. Each thickness offers a unique experience for sleepers. You won’t have to worry about breaking the bank if you want to purchase their luxury mattresses. If you’re in the market for a new mattress, make sure to check out all the information below! Many top mattress producers only offer a 30-day trial period. A plush feel can compound this issue; you’ll sink deeper when sitting or lying along the edges, and feel less reinforcement from the support foam. However, you may still notice some warmth. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Things like natural cashmere and New Zealand wool are standard for DreamCloud. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. It’s easy to see why Zinus is so popular. Back Sleepers: The 12-inch Green Tea Mattress is best suited to back sleepers who weigh less than 230 pounds. The support core consists of 4 inches of high-density polyfoam. This company knows what it takes to bring affordable foam mattresses to the public. All Green Tea Mattress models are encased in a cover made from a jacquard fabric blend. This results in more heat absorption and less airflow on the surface. Due to their softer feels and all-foam construction, all of the Green Tea Mattress models are prone to sinkage when bearing weight. By all accounts, Zinus is a relatively new entrant to the mattress game – they haven’t had much time to develop on their current models. Memory foam provides the comfort, while the support foam provides the base you need to keep the mattress firm. 6-inch model: 3/5, 8-inch model, 10-inch model, 12-inch model: 2/5. Fully customized beds for ultimate comfort, Mid-level firmness perfect for most sleepers, Loaded with features – Cashmere cover, 5-zone compression, pocketed coils, and more, 365-day trial to ensure the perfect night’s sleep, Get an instant $200 off by using our link. This is a huge benefit if you’re looking to make sure you don’t need to pay for a mattress any time in the next decade. Side sleepers in this weight range typically prefer a medium to medium firm feel that offers some cushioning while reinforcing the body, especially around the shoulders and hips. Casper vs Leesa vs Tuft & Needle vs Saatva, Secure Beginnings Breathable Crib Mattress Review, Get A Better Night’s Rest: Overcoming Sleep Problems. A mattress is a long-term investment and should be treated as such – you need to put yourself in a position where you’re exposed to little risk. The 8-inch model sinks slightly deeper than the 6-inch model, while the 10- and 12-inch models sink the most. The mattress we are reviewing has not undergone any massive changes over the past few months, but Zinus Mattress does have other mattress models with improvements and alterations – though these tend to cost more. You must be logged in to submit a review. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. They use FedEx to deliver all of their packages – you can be certain your shipment will be handled with the professionalism of a large, multi-national shipping company. 100 nights is a fairly decent trial period when compared to the industry standard. Side sleepers who weigh less than 130 pounds should feel the most comfortable. Fortunately, with Zinus Mattress you receive a 100-night trial to help you fully experience the mattress. In this section, we’re going to take a look at the exact way the mattress is constructed. The most popular mattress that Zinus Mattress produces is the Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress. Many couples prefer responsive, springy mattresses with strong edge support for sex. We understand how hard it can be to choose a mattress – that’s why we have put serious effort into compiling all the information you need. Zinus offers free ground shipping within the 48 contiguous states. It’s important to keep this in mind if heat retention is an issue for you as a sleeper. Zinus, Inc. is a mattress and bedding accessory brand that sells their products both directly to customers as well as through a wide assortment of online and brick-and-mortar retailers. The support core contains two layers of high-density polyfoam, each measuring 3.5 inches thick. Weaker edge support also means you and your partner may be confined to the center of the mattress. Off-gassing is particularly common with thicker mattresses because they contain more foam layers. All-foam beds with softer surface feels tend to have particularly weak edge support. You get free delivery and free return delivery if you don’t like it. With the Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress, Zinus Mattress provides their customers with four different options. Because there are no coils or gaps, the foam in the mattress does not breathe as well as other options. If you’re looking for something cheap, this is truly one of the most affordable mattresses on the market. One unique feature that Zinus offers its customers is a fully functioning support site. They have three product lines, which means they have good diversity without causing the customer to get lost in their choices. Zinus offers a wide selection of other mattresses, as well. The cover is not removable and should be spot-cleaned with water and mild detergent if stains occur. That said, this mattress may still be too short for some back sleepers – especially those who weigh 130 pounds or more. When the mattress arrives, carry it to the room where you plan to use it. Save up to $200 off + 2 FREE Dream Pillows! By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. Zinus sells some of the cheapest bed-in-a-box mattresses online.