Flexjobs & Upflex

Introducing Workplace Flexibility by Upflex

Flexjobs would like to introduce Upflex, an app that lets you book workspaces and meeting rooms on demand.

As an Flexjobs member you are entitled to a Free Day Pass!  Connect with amazing communities of remote workers, freelancers and nomads.

What We Offer



Access hot-desks in any of our 5,000 locations. Reservations can be be made on-demand.

Private Offices

Private Offices

When you need a private space or are working in a small group of 1 -2 people, Private offices is ideal. Reservations must be made 24 hours in advance to confirm availability.

Meeting Rooms

Meeting Rooms

When you have a larger team meeting or need things like whiteboards and projectors.  Reservations must be made 24 hours in advance to confirm availability.

Community & Networks

Community & Networks

Access professionals across many disciplines and gain great networking opportunities just by booking a space.

Who is Upflex for?

Upflex provides a curated experience for every team member with real people ready to support you when you need it. Upflex is perfect for:

  • The frequent traveler
  • The remote worker
  • The work-from-homer
  • The daily commuter
  • The offsite organizer
  • The road warrior

How it Works

Step 1


Log into the app with the password you created when you signed up

Step 2


Find your perfect workspace and make a reservation on the app

Step 3


Check in when you arrive and have a productive day!

Get started today and get instant access to desks, meeting rooms and
thousands of communities at your fingertips with Upflex.