Enterprise Companies Need Seamless Hybrid Workspace Tools—That’s Why We Built White Label

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Now, companies can offer their employees the benefit of choosing from thousands of on-demand workspaces in a branded company experience. Upflex CEO Christophe Garnier discusses Upflex’s new feature, White Label.

In a recent survey by Zoom, more than two thirds of U.S. companies said they were considering a flex workspace model. In other countries, that percentage is higher: In India, it is nearly 9 out of 10. What does this look like? Employees — including those at very large companies like IBM — will spend part of the week in the office, and part working remotely. Teams want the flexibility; finance departments want the cost savings; HR wants the boost in acquisition and retention flexible solutions tend to yield. And that was all before people began to worry for their safety going into an office.

The benefits are too plentiful to ignore, but especially for large companies, the transition to hybrid space can be intimidating. For example, in speaking with our largest users, I’ve heard over and over that the more workers a company employs, the less inclined they are to want to rely on outside real estate solutions and services as a replacement for their pre-pandemic offices, to which they had pinned so much of their company identity. As enterprise companies step out of their comfort zones toward these “future of work” solutions, they are looking for ways to carry this sense of identity forward with a seamless, branded company experience.

“Moving forward, we are no longer offering the same hub office to our employees that we used to — and they seem to prefer having the flexibility to work from wherever they want,” one head of real estate at a company planning to drop its long-term office leases recently told me. “But the trade-off is feeling that our people are no longer working out of our office. We have to send them outside of our company experience.”

This month, Upflex launched White Label to solve for this challenge. White Label is a dynamic module that presents a branded version of the Upflex app — complete with the company’s colors and logo — to any user logging in with their company email address. It gives companies the option of using our product, while presenting it as an employee benefit of their own.

“Offering access to this big network of workspace options and branding it as our own offering means we still have this way of including employees in an office solution that feels like ‘us,’” that head of RE told me — and this is exactly what we were going for.

So far, Upflex management is seeing this feature resonate especially with very large prospects and users — companies with tens of thousands, and in some cases more than 100,000, employees. With White Label, their employees will then download Upflex from the app store, and when they log in with their company email address, they’ll see the app branded as their employer, booking workspaces under their company’s umbrella, even if they are no longer commuting in to the traditional HQ.

“Offering access to this big network of
workspace options and branding it as our own
offering means we still have this way of
including employees in an office
solution that feels like ‘us.'”

Major brokerages are using our White Label feature too: Colliers International recently took it to the next level, launching a branded app and site called Colliers Mobility Pass. 

The Mobility Pass offers Upflex’s 70-plus-country global space partner network and user-friendly booking platform to Colliers occupiers — all in the brokerage’s branding, for a more cohesive experience. Expanding their offerings in response to a wave of demand for new flex space models was just that easy.

Upflex White Label

Colliers Mobility Pass

We will continue to build hybrid workplace solutions that help employees feel happier and more productive, that help companies save on real estate, that boost eco-friendly solutions, reduce inefficiencies, and generally make work better. The problem White Label solves is one small piece of a much bigger puzzle the world of work must put together.