3 Reasons In-Person Meetups Are Crucial for Remote Teams

In our “Going Remote” series, Upflex leadership offers wisdom for managers on transitioning to a remote or hybrid workplace model.

A flexible work environment is one of the greatest perks an employer can offer. But if you’re working from home every day of the week, you may start feeling disconnected, lonely, and unproductive. Yes, you can take video meetings in your pajama pants, but you also miss out on some of the big benefits face-to-face workdays provide.

Nobody wants to be left out, which can be a serious issue for some remote workers, so check out the top three reasons distributed team members should make it a priority to meet up in person:

1. Spark New Ideas

Location variety is a thing. As the Chicago Tribune explains, “Flexibility is increasingly important to workers and technology makes it easy, but it’s still important to get coworkers together so creative ideas bubble up and social connections are made.”

Shake up your routine by planning a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly meetup with coworkers where you can chat about current challenges and upcoming campaigns, as well as brainstorm in person.

You might be surprised how beneficial a change of scenery is to generating new ideas and problem solving.

2. Keep Productivity High

You don’t have to be working on a project together to meet up with a coworker. In fact, you don’t even have to be on the same team.

Working with coworkers in person can get you out of a work-from-home rut. Even better, it can provide you with a creativity boost that leads to enhanced productivity. From discussing overarching company goals or chatting about industry news, you may find that meetups help reinvigorate passion for your job.

Bonus: You’ll also be combating the isolation that can occur if you work independently on a regular basis. You’ll feel more connected by scheduling occasional meetups — and it might even brighten your day-to-day mood, too.

3. Collaborate Directly With Coworkers

Even if the majority of your work is done independently, there are probably times when collaboration would be helpful.

Resist the urge to start a lengthy chat session or video meeting in favor of planning an in-person work meetup.

You might find that face-to-face collaboration helps you bounce ideas off each other in a more productive way and leads to getting things done faster. Plus, you’ll probably enjoy interacting with humans in real life, and getting to know your coworkers beyond the computer screen.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]