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Our Story

Upflex was born of the idea that workplace flexibility is the future of work. We are firm believers that flexibility is a win-win-win situation for employers, employees, and the environment, and created Upflex to lead the way in this monumental change.

For companies, we know that those who embrace remote work will have a competitive advantage over those who don’t. We created a model that enables businesses to move away from traditional office leases towards the use of flexible workspace, creating savings and efficiency.

For employees, we know that flexibility is a key component to a good work/life balance and leads to greater productivity and greater employee retention. We built a technology platform that aggregates coworking and business centers globally, giving employees access to places close to home or wherever they are going.

For the environment, we know that office space around the world is vastly under-utilized, and by gathering this inventory into one platform, we are able to make space more efficient and reduce commutes. The world has plenty of incredible workspaces, and we make them more accessible and efficient.

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