Better Workspace Data Means Better Business Decisions

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Want to make better, smarter, more equitable, more efficient workspace decisions? You need data. And that’s Upflex’s specialty.

As companies establish their strategies and policies for indefinite remote-first or hybrid work, I keep seeing this among both my colleagues and our customers here at Upflex: Guesses don’t lead to sustainable solutions.

Rather, companies are hungry for real data — data they can monitor, learn from, and build solutions around. Then, they can iterate and optimize workplace policies accordingly. This takes a little time. It also takes a great toolset.

Sure, Upflex maintains the world’s largest network of on-demand flexible workspace for remote workers to choose from if they need quieter space, more amenities, or better connectivity — and we’ve built an efficient, user-friendly way to tap into that network. But first and foremost, Upflex is data-driven. Our central focus is our technology platform, and at its core is reliable, actionable data.

Real-time workplace usage data helps companies — from facilities managers to HR specialists — customize and refine workspace solutions based not only on the important factor of employee preference, but on actual need and usage.

Employees say they want flexibility and choice. Does that mean the ability to work from a different space five days a week? Or does that mean the ability to work from home sometimes, from the office sometimes, and from third-party spaces while they travel? Answering these questions with real-time data drawn from real usage, not guesses or projections, means tailoring policies that reflect (and respect) employee wants and needs — without spending extra on underutilized bells and whistles.


Upflex’s dashboard gives managers unique visibility into factors like:

  • Where users are working
  • The types of spaces they’re booking
  • How long they’re staying

And it paints the bigger picture, with data-driven looks at:

  • Your spend and trended booking patterns over time
  • Usage across individuals, teams, and the company at large
  • Planning and budgeting for future workplace usage 
  • Engagement and collaboration scores for teams

Putting data to work

Here are a couple ways our users are leveraging actionable data to make informed, longer-term real estate decisions:

  • Datapoint: “I could see that numerous team members were all getting together at the same coworking space in Brooklyn multiple times per month, sometimes multiple times a week.”
  • Action: “We’re looking into establishing a full-time team hub at that location.”
  • Data: “After six months, I saw our team using Upflex day passes to work remotely an average of three days a month.”
  • Action: “We were able to downgrade our memberships to five days a month and roll the savings toward our all-team off-site.”
  • Data: “We were seeing that our team uses more meeting rooms than they do individual hot desks.”
  • Action: “We decided we needed to set aside a pool budget for meeting room usage and collaboration. This helps us plan our real estate spend.”
  • Data: “Some of our team members frequently cowork in the same space. Some were never able to make those meet-ups because of childcare obligations at home.”
  • Action: “As a manager, I want to make sure no one gets left behind, and to help give our employees who prefer or need to work from home the same opportunities to engage and be involved. This data helped me understand I needed to be more proactive about offering team members one-on-one and group meet-up opportunities via Zoom.”

Upflex’s robust Management Dashboard and data monitoring tool provides easy-to-interpret visualizations of how and where your team works. It gives you visibility with respect to privacy and security. And it lets you customize based on your team’s needs, with the ability to set permissions and levels of access. You can manage your workspace spend right in the tool.

To learn more about how this all works and how your company can leverage it to boost engagement and retention while managing your budget smartly, book a demo with an Upflex team member this week.

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