Case Study: Rocean

How Rocean streamlines planning for traveling employees


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For a New York City-based, globally operational tech start-up with 25 employees, finding a place to meet and work between everyone’s busy schedule is a true challenge. To solve this problem and save money, Rocean’s CEO turned to Upflex: an easy, web/mobile-based tool to reserve ultra-professional and highly-tailored workspaces whenever employees want to work or meet.


Rocean had two main challenges with their workspace needs:


  • The Rocean sales team always needs productive spaces to work and conduct meetings while traveling. Options are often limited to coffee shops, which are often loud, crowded and impractical. Truly productive work is often limited in coffee shops.


  • Rocean is currently expanding its team, and its office needs change rapidly as a result. Rocean needs more desks for new hires and more meeting space for growing teams. Rocean wants to keep its team members together in a shared space, but its in-house meeting spaces can become overbooked. Rocean isn’t in the position to implement a major office change or take on a new lease. Instead, Rocean needs quick office space flexibility to allow their new employees to get to work, productively.

Solution / How Upflex helped

  • Rocean chose Upflex as its workspace solution partner; and each Rocean employee immediately gained access to the Upflex app, which grants entry to 4000+ desk and meeting locations around the world.
  • Rocean team members can open the Upflex app upon arrival in a new city and can quickly find a workspace to use. They can then book the desk and/or meeting room on their mobile devices and be on their way.
  • Team members now enjoy the ability to book meeting rooms immediately, relieving them of the chore of planning ahead or attempting to predict capacity needs. They also can double-check meeting room amenities via the Upflex app, to ensure that each meeting impresses.
  • International team members can now access Upflex’s truly comprehensive, global workspace network; a value-add that other workspace networks lack.
  • As for Rocean team members located in NYC, members can now access workspaces near Rocean’s main office, or near their homes. This allows team members to meet in a stress-free and time-efficient manner.

Results & ROI

Overall, Upflex streamlined business planning for traveling Rocean team members and solved Rocean’s need for immediate and flexible workspace volume.


  • Before, Rocean team members had to search for a coworking space online, call and determine availability, handle billing for an individual day pass, and submit an expense report after the visit.
  • Now, Rocean team members can find a space on the Upflex app and Rocean is automatically billed. Members do not need to wait for reimbursement; they can work, worry-free.


  • Before, Rocean team members had to book a workspace with a day-pass, without an option for less time—on average, members only needed 2 hours per session.
  • Now, Rocean team members can book a desk at a low rate, per hour. This has saved Rocean over 65% on desk-use expenses. Some Rocean team members use several spaces multiple times a week for limited amounts of time; so those savings and flexibility add up.

Thanks to Upflex adoption, Rocean has improved its overall operational strategy and thus customer experience.

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