April 3rd: Covid-19 Update

Here at Upflex we’ve started a weekly Covid-19 digest to better help you understand the impact of the novel coronavirus around the world. You can find below a summary of the impact by country, for as many places as we can find information on. Please note that the term lockdown has different meanings in each country.

While we strive to keep this up to date and use data from the last five days, information is rapidly changing. What is true today may be different tomorrow, and we are including sources in order to help keep track of what is still relevant.

North America

United States

At least 80% of Americans are under stay-at-home orders, which equates to about 262 million people. California has the most people confined at home, followed by New York. Social distancing nation-wide has been extended to April 30th.

Here are some highlights by state:

  • California has 39.5 million people in lockdown.
  • New York has 19.4 million people in lockdown.
  • Some states, including Texas and Wyoming, are still not fully on lockdown and daily restrictions are more lenient.  Local officials have the say on how to impose them, but there is no stay at home order.
  • Hawaii hasn’t reported a death yet.


With about 11,000 confirmed cases  and Quebec being the most impacted province in Canada there is still no strict lockdown imposed.



After 1400 confirmed cases there are still no strict lockdown measures implemented. However schools will be shut down until April 30th and residents have the option to undergo voluntary home isolation.

The United States and Mexico have also entered an agreement restricting non essential traveling between the two countries.




With the death toll rising to 3600 people and yesterday reaching its peak with 684 deaths the lockdown is set to end on April 13th. Each day the number of deaths soar by about 20% ( last recorded on March 31st) making the lockdown end time highly unlikely and unpredictable.



Announced today a toll of 1000 deaths recorded to total an amount of 11,000 fatal cases. The lockdown is set to end on April 12th, however with each day reaching a new peak of recorded deaths the lockdown period will most likely be extended.



France with one of the highest mortality rates of 9.1% for Covid-19 cases totals an amount of 6000 fatal cases. This number is projected to keep increasing at a rate of 10%..

The lockdown is to be implemented until April 15th and will be reviewed accordingly. High chances of it being extended.



Totalling 12,000 deaths so far with an average of 800 a day, Italy is one of the hardest hit countries. The lockdown which was due to end today has been extended to April 12th.

The number of daily reported cases has actually decreased for the first time this week which means the spread of the virus is being contained.



Germany is not undergoing a lockdown, however they still have “restrictions” limiting contact between people and large gatherings which is set to be lifted on April 20th.




Singapore is handling this situation incredibly well. No businesses have forced closure and residents do not undergo curfews. A very tight border control and strict tracing of the virus are the main tools being utilized.

Social distancing is also another aspect Singapore is heavily investing in. Government funded campaigns are visible throughout the whole city promoting social distancing and its importance.



With an unknown number of deaths and infections due to speculation of false reporting China remains a mystery.

The lockdown in Wuhan has however been lifted prompting scientists to fear a second wave hitting China. The situation is being monitored very closely to determine a possible pattern in terms of infection cycle for countries impacted after China by the Covid-19.


South Korea

There is no total lockdown and the Covid-19  cases are continuing to drastically reduce.


Hong Kong

The lockdown has ended and the spread of the virus seems to be contained. Hong Kong is still operating with strict measures barring tourists and transit passengers through its airport.


No lockdown to date, however the number of cases have tripled over the past 10 days in Tokyo. There is speculation of a European style lockdown to be implemented if the situation worsens.

Tokyo governor Yuriko Koike said there is no need to declare a state of emergency but will consider tightening and implementing more restrictions in the upcoming days.



Referred to as the most extensive and harshest Covid-19 lockdown in the world, India has implemented a nationwide curfew and lockdown for three weeks last Wednesday. The country is also operating under a single uniform policy regarding rules and regulations for containment.



The largest hit country in Southeast Asia with approximately 2,900 cases has its lockdown set to end on April 8th.

They suffered a minor controversy when the Ministry for Women Family and Community Development issued online posters on Facebook with the hashtag #Womenpreventcovid19 advertising and advising women to help the countries lockdown by not nagging their husbands.



South Africa

A week into the 3 week stay at home order, they are considered one of the strictest lockdowns in the world. No jogging outside or walking your dog. Penalties include prison time and a hefty fine. Police are even using rubber bullets for anyone attempting to break the rules.

Many nearby countries in Southern and East Africa have also recently extended their lockdown, such as Rwanda and Zimbabwe.


West Africa

Ghana has imposed a lockdown but only on two of its largest cities. Lagos, Nigeria, is going into lockdown and almost all African cities are undergoing some form of restriction to movement. Ivory coast and Senegal both declared state of emergency this week as well.