Hub – We set up a hub for your company, a branded, secured and dedicated base location. Hubs are meant to allow access to all users contracted in that unit for both hub (that specific location) and associated spoke (other Upflex network access).


Spoke – This is access to all the locations on our network that provide day bookings. These locations can provide access for the use of a workspace or meeting rooms, booked through the Upflex platform.


Hub & Spoke – Giving you the most flexibility, a Hub & Spoke plan gives you both a base location and access to the entire Upflex network of workspaces. This means that even if you do not have a hub office at a particular location, your hub users (employees) can access them by booking a workspace or meeting room through the Upflex platform.


Meeting Rooms – Upflex network includes around 5000 locations globally. These are bookable through the Upflex platform.

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