Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions about Upflex and how it works.


What is Upflex?

Upflex is the premiere provider of comprehensive solutions for managing remote and hybrid workplaces to SMBs & Enterprise companies. These solutions include access to one of the world’s largest networks of high-quality on-demand desks and meeting rooms; an innovative booking platform customizable down to the employee level; and rich, actionable data for tracking workspace usage and trends over time.

We connect our clients to real-time inventory in 80 countries and growing, and as a single-vendor solution, we simplify billing, legal and procurement for all providers. We make distributed work for remote and hybrid teams simpler, more seamless, more secure, and more sustainable. We reduce office costs while enhancing employee productivity and satisfaction.

Our Hub & Spoke model is designed so we can customize a solution tailored to your company’s needs.

Enterprises can supplement their owned and leased offices with Upflex’s global network and make booking and management a seamless employee experience.

About our network:

  • Curated, vetted and accredited, high-quality spaces
  • 6,000+ locations
  • 80 countries
  • 1,600 cities
  • 700+ brands
  • Exclusive third-party access to 800 WeWork locations
  • +200 new locations every month
  • 20,000 planned locations by 2025
  • & we plant a tree for every booking made!
How does it work?

Flexibility allows you to find the right solution for you, and that’s what we aim for at Upflex. When we set up your company, we try to put together the right combination of hub locations, spoke access, and meeting rooms, all accessible through our technology platform.


We work with you through every stage of the onboarding process, making setup simple, including:


  • Admin and management training
  • App training
  • Group webinar trainings
  • New hire training


Once your company is onboarded, you can manage users and administrators through our dashboard, and Upflex staff is always available if you need any assistance.

What is Hub & Spoke?

Hub – We set up a hub for your company, a branded, secured and dedicated base location. Hubs are meant to allow access to all users contracted in that unit for both hub (that specific location) and associated spoke (other Upflex network access).


Spoke – This is access to all the locations on our network that provide day bookings. These locations can provide access for the use of a workspace or meeting rooms, booked through the Upflex platform.


Hub & Spoke – Giving you the most flexibility, a Hub & Spoke plan gives you both a base location and access to the entire Upflex network of workspaces. This means that even if you do not have a hub office at a particular location, your hub users (employees) can access them by booking a workspace or meeting room through the Upflex platform.


Meeting Rooms – Upflex network includes around 5000 locations globally. These are bookable through the Upflex platform.

Where are your workspaces?

Upflex has 5,000+ locations in over 70 countries. We do your best to have workspaces close to where you live or travel.


You can browse by city to see all our locations on our app, or on our interactive map on the web:


If you need workspaces in an area where we don’t have many, let us know!

When are your workspaces are open?

Our partner spaces set their own hours, and Upflex users are able to book whenever the workspaces are staffed. Most workspaces are open during business hours M-F, though you will find some open later or on the weekends.


For companies with Hub access, they may be able to access the space after hours.


How do my employees book a workspace?

When your employees want to book a workspace, they can simply use the Upflex app or Upflex on the web to find the space they want to work at and make a reservation.


Your employees will have passes – for desks at any network (spoke) location, they’ll use a Day Pass or their Unlimited Pass to make the reservation. For desks at their hub, they will simply book on the web – no passes necessary. For private offices, they’ll use an Unlimited pass for their seat in the office, or pay the office rate. Lastly, for meeting rooms, they’ll pay the hourly or daily rate.


All desk reservations can be modified or cancelled without penalty until 24 hours before the start of the reservation. All meeting room and private office reservations are subject to their cancellation policy.

Once my employee has made a reservation, what happens?

The space will receive an email notification for the employee’s booking. For private offices and meeting rooms that are by request only, the space will confirm or reject the reservation within 24 hours.


When the employee arrives at the space, they will check in on the Upflex app, then check in with the staff member at the reception desk, who will show them to their room or desk, give them a quick tour, and give them the Wi-Fi password.


If they have any issues during the reservation, they can contact Upflex support at any time.

There’s no desks or rooms available at the space my employee wants to book. What should they do?

While it’s uncommon for our workspaces to be unavailable, it does happen. Usually, Upflex staff can make recommendations for nearby spaces that have availability, or can reach out to the space to see when they might have a space open up.

My employee wants to book a space right now, but Upflex won’t let them until the next hour or half-hour mark. What should they do?

For all bookings, reservation times only start every half-hour. If an employee wants to book a desk at a space right away, the next available time will be at :00 and :30 past the hour. We suggest the user book the space, then check in at the reception desk and ask if they can sit down a few minutes early. The space’s staff member will then be able to check your employee in early.


Meeting rooms and private offices are by request only, so they need to be booked at least a day in advance.

How do they cancel a booking?

Employees can cancel a booking on the Upflex app or web portal.


Canceling desk reservations more than 24 hours before the start time:
As long as the start time of the reservation is more than 24 hours away, employees can easily cancel and will receive their Day Pass back.


Canceling desk reservations less than 24 hours from the start time
If the reservation is less than 24 hours from the time they cancel, employees will not be refunded your Day Pass.


Canceling meeting room and private office reservations
Employees may cancel a private office or meeting room, but refunds will be contingent on the space’s cancellation policy for that workspace.

What if my employee does a no-show?

We get that life happens. Last minute issues are no problem, but we can’t issue refunds because we do still need to pay the workspace.

Plans & Pricing

When do my monthly subscriptions start?

Your Day Pass and Unlimited Pass monthly subscriptions start the day you purchase them, and are renewed every 30 days.

Do Day Passes in my monthly plan roll over?

If you have a plan that gives you 5 or 10 Day Passes a month, these will rollover for three months.

What if we run out of Day Passes before the end of the month?

No worries – if your employees use more Day Passes than your plan provides, you’ll simply be charged for each additional Day Pass at the time of booking.

Can my Day Passes for desks be used for private office?

Unfortunately, Day Passes for desks and Day Passes for private offices are not interchangeable.

How do we adjust our plan?

If you aren’t using all your Unlimited Passes, you can cancel these at any time in the Upflex Business Portal, or by reaching out to Upflex support.


If you aren’t using all your Day Passes, you may be able to downgrade to a smaller monthly plan. Contact Upflex support to help you do this.

How do we cancel our entire Upflex plan?

Contact your sales rep, account manager, or just reach out on Intercom chat.